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"Si, Xin Hui's just trying to remind you that Shan Cai isn't as innocent as she looks. You should be careful."
—Bai He warns Si about Shan Cai[src]

Jiang Bai He (Chinese: 江百合; pinyin: Jiāng Bǎihé) was a student in the Nutrition Department at Ming De University. Her best friend was Li Xin Hui. Bai He and Xin Hui initially disliked their classmate Dong Shan Cai for "flirting" with Dao Ming Si.



Bai He and Li Xin Hui were students at Ming De University, where they enrolled in the school's Nutrition Department. Their fellow freshmen were Dong Shan Cai, Chen Qing He, and Li Zhen.[1] Later, Bai He accused Shan Cai of flirting with Dao Ming Si, whom Xin Hui had a crush on. Shan Cai told them that she had "no interest" in them. Bai He and Xin Hui saw Shan Cai with Hua Ze Lei a few days later. The girls correctly surmised that she was infatuated with Lei. They proceeded to tell her about Teng Tang Jing, whom Lei had long been in love with.[2]

After the seven-day break, Bai He was mad at Shan Cai for kissing Si of which a video had been posted online. Bai He stated that Shan Cai just wanted to be "popular" and lamented that they had not gone to Sanya also. Later, Bai He and Xin Hui took a video of Shan Cai and Lei talking on the school's roof. They then showed the video to Si. When Si became enraged, Bai He told him to be wary of Shan Cai.[3] Several days later, she and Xin Hui expected Shan Cai to be punished after losing a card game to Si. To their surprise, Si visited their classroom to give Shan Cai a new coat. As everyone began to believe they were dating, Bai He started to dislike her though Xin Hui suggested they become friends with Shan Cai. That night, they invited Shan Cai and Li Zhen to go dancing at a club.[4]

Physical appearance

Bai He always wore her curly hair in a ponytail, sometimes accenting it with a bow. She had a oval face with almond-shaped eyes and an up-turned nose. Bai He dressed in preppy, light-colored clothes, the opposite of Xin Hui's more darker style. Her usual outfit consisted of a skirt, a button-down shirt, and a broach pinned on her collar. She also often wore sweaters and blazers.

Personality and traits

She was a loyal friend to Xin Hui, even calling out Shan Cai for "flirting" with Xin Hui's crush. Bai He disliked Shan Cai, believing that she was a social climber.

Behind the scenes

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