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Yan Cheng Xu (Chinese: 言承旭; pinyin: Yán Chéngxù, born January 1, 1977 in Taoyuan, Taiwan), also known as Jerry Yan, is a Taiwanese actor and singer. He is best known for his roles in Meteor Garden, The Hospital, Hot Shot, Down with Love, and Loving, Never Forgetting.

He rose to prominence with his role as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden and reprised his role in Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II. Yan and his cast members formed F4 because of the drama's popularity.


Early life[]

Yan was born on January 1,[1] 1977 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. His real name is Liao Yang Zhen (Chinese: 廖洋震; pinyin: Liào Yángzhèn).[2] Yan is of Hakka and Atayal ancestry.[3][4] At age twelve, his father passed away. Yan obtained part-time jobs to help support his mother and sister. He dropped out of high school due to his family not being able to afford the tuition fees.[2]


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In 1998, Yan won two modelling competitions, sponsored by TVBS and Men's Uno. After becoming a model, he began appearing in advertisements and music videos. In 2000, Yan made his television debut in Spicy Teacher, costarring Ken Chu and Blue Lan. The following year, he rose to fame after starring in Meteor Garden as the lead male role, Dao Ming Si. Yan and his Meteor Garden co-stars, Vic Chou, Chu, and Vanness Wu formed a band, F4, named after their group on the show. He reprised his role as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II (2002). F4 performed the theme songs for both productions. Also in 2002, F4 appeared together in Come to My Place.

Yan starred in a Hong Kong romantic comedy film, Magic Kitchen in 2004. The same year, he released his first solo album, entitled Jerry for You. The album went on to become one of the top-selling Mandarin albums of the year. In 2006, Yan starred in The Hospital with Leon Dai and Janine Chang. F4 released their third and final album, Waiting for You in 2007. Yan appeared in sports comedy Hot Shot (2008) with Show Lo and Wu Chun. The following year, Yan released his second solo album Freedom, which was followed by a collection album, My Secret Lover (2010) also featuring three new songs.

In 2010, Yan starred with S.H.E's Ella Chen in Down with Love and had a cameo in Pandamen. In 2014, Yan starred as Michael Lee in the Japanese film Lupin the 3rd starring Shun Oguri. He appeared in Our Times as the adult version of Darren Wang's character the following year. Yan has also become a regular in Chinese productions, starring in My Splendid Life (2011), Loving, Never Forgetting (2014), My Best Ex-Boyfriend (2015), and Because·Love (2016).

Personal life[]

A private person, Yan has been linked to few women over the years. He was in a relationship with actress Lin Chi Ling, breaking up in 2006.[5] Rumors of their reconciliation persisted until Lin married Japanese musician Akira in June 2019.[6] Yan dated model Jessica Chang from 2015 to 2017. The two have remained friends.[7]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2000 Spicy Teacher Hong Ming Long
2001 Girl Goes Forward Ah Guo
Meteor Garden Dao Ming Si
Meteor Rain Dao Ming Si
Love Scar Zhang Zi Lin
2002 Come to My Place Cai Yi Ye
Meteor Garden II Dao Ming Si
2006 The Hospital Su Yi Hua
2008 Hot Shot Dong Fang Xiang
2009 Starlit Cheng Yue
2010 Pandamen Detective Chen Cameo
Down with Love Xiang Yu Ping
2011 My Splendid Life Liu Yu Hao
2014 Loving, Never Forgetting Li Zhong Mou
2015 My Best Ex-Boyfriend Li Tang
2016 Because·Love Zhuang Dao Sheng
2019 Reset Life Jiao Shou
2020 Count Your Lucky Stars Lu Xing Cheng
2023 The Forbidden Flower Xiao Han


Year Title Role Notes
2004 Magic Kitchen Guo Ke Li
2012 Ripples of Desire Scarface
2014 Lupin the 3rd Michael Lee
2015 Our Times Xu Tai Yu (adult)
2021 Tempting Hearts Zhou Qi Wen


  • He attended Ken Chu's wedding in 2016 with Vanness Wu.[8]
  • In April 2019, Yan and Chu appeared alongside Meteor Garden (2018) stars Shen Yue and Darren Chen on the variety show Trump Show (王牌對王牌).[9]
  • F4 had an "unconventional" reunion in October 2020 for an event on Jiangsu TV. Yan, Chu, and Vic Chou were prerecorded and projected onto the stage, likely due to COVID-19 restrictions. Vanness Wu was the only one who was there live.[10]
  • Yan reunited with Vanness Wu in 2022 variety show, Welcome Back to Sound, after not seeing each other for several years. The pair admitted to problems that caused F4 to break up.[11]
  • In August 2022, Yan participated in a Meteor Garden parody on The Detectives' Adventures dressing up as Si again.[12]

  • Yan's former girlfriend Lin Chi Ling married Japanese actor and musician Akira.[13] Akira coincidentally appeared in Hana Yori Dango Final (2008) as Sonny.

  • Yan played a first generation student in Spicy Teacher (2000). Ken Chu, Blue Lan, and Lin Zu En were in the same generation, and Beatrice Hsu was in the third generation.
  • He appeared in Love Scar (2001) with Winnie Chien and Angie Tang.
  • Chu, Vanness Wu, and Vic Chou also starred in Come to My Place (2002) with Yan.
  • He had a guest role in Pandamen (2010), in which Wang Yue also had a small part.
  • Yan and Shun Oguri starred in Lupin the 3rd (2014), which also featured Kim Joon.[14]
  • He starred in the Chinese drama Count Your Lucky Stars (2020) opposite Shen Yue. Lin Peng also appeared in it playing the father of Shen's character.

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