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"Your world and ours are different. You can't change that. Know your place, waitress."
—Jane to Gorya[src]

Jane Tharntip was a student at Kocher High School, which she attended with her two best friends, Bow and Noon. She and her friends often bullied Gorya, who was in the same class. They were jealous of her because of her proximity to the F4. However, they occasionally felt sympathy for her.


High school[]

Jane attended Kocher High School for her upper-secondary education. She was in the same class as her best friends, Bow and Noon, as well as Gorya Thitara Jundee. Jane and friends were fans of the F4 and participated whenever someone was given a red card.[1]

Bullying Gorya[]

One day, Jane and her friends watched Hana Vidalha Malakarn offend Thyme Akira Paramaanantra, whose ire shifted to Gorya when she spoke up. After Gorya received a red card, Jane poured a bucket of water on her while Bow and Noon laughed. The next day, she helped the other students lure Gorya to the stadium where Thyme confronted her. Gorya ended up kicking Thyme in the stomach.[1] Jane then shouted "Thyme has been attacked!" and had Bow begin recording. Over the next couple of days, the girls continued bullying Gorya. They later saw her with Ren Renrawin Aira. Jane and her friends pretended to be sorry to Gorya and invited to Mira Renita Asavarattanakul's party, where they humiliated her for wearing regular clothes. Mira then tricked them into falling into the pool.[2]

Several days later, after Ren left, Bow and Noon told Gorya that they were not done with her while video calling Jane. Bow then turned the phone to face Gorya and Jane said "Yes, it's coming to you." The girls were shocked by Thyme's announcement to Gorya, which sounded like a date.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Jane was a pretty girl with a heart-shaped face. She had long, brown hair which she often accessorized with hair clips.

Personality and traits[]


Her nickname, Jane, is a female given name from the French Jeanne with origins in other languages.[4] It is spelled เจน in Thai. The Thai spelling of her last name, Tharntip, is unknown.

Behind the scenes[]

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