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"I have no need for anyone who isn't perfect."
—Iwao to his son Haruto[src]

Iwao Kaguragi (神楽木 巌 (かぐらぎ いわお) Kaguragi Iwao) was the president of Kaguragi Enterprises, a major conglomerate in Japan. He seized control of the company at a young age. Iwao expected his son Haruto to be nothing less than perfect.


Early life[]

His own father was described as "weak", which was a source of motivation for Iwao. When he became president of Kaguragi Enterprises, he developed it into one of Japan's three big conglomerates along with Domyoji Group. He was extremely successful in his field, meaning named one of the "Most Influential People in the World" for ten years straight. At some point, he married his wife and had a son named Haruto.[1][2] Iwao expected Haruto to live up to his expectations, and constantly reminded Haruto that he needed to be "perfect." At a violin recital, he was embarrassed by Haruto when he threw up on stage. Iwao later tossed Haruto's violin in the trash.[3]

Adult life[]

By the time Haruto was in high school, his relationship with his son was considerably strained. Iwao was often disappointed in Haruto, even chastising him for not "manag[ing] his health" when he became sick.[4] Later, Iwao heard about Oto Edogawa while passing his son's room. He asked his butler Kozo Kobayashi about the girl. Kobayashi told him she was a girl Haruto was "getting closer to lately." Iwao then asked whether she was a "suitable partner for the Kaguragi heir," to which he had no answer.[5] Later at a work event, he met Rie Hase who told him about his son becoming close to Oto. Iwao then went to meet Oto at her job, though he did not tell her who he was. He decided that she was kind, but "not suitable" for his family. Iwao made up his mind to "take measures before it [is] too late."[6]

Several days later, Iwao criticized Haruto for "obsessing" over Oto, calling her an "inappropriate choice" for their family. Outside Haruto's room, Kobayashi introduced him to Megumi Nishidome.[7] Iwao began acting nicer to Haruto, leading him to believe that his father had accepted him. However, he was actually hoping to form an engagement between Haruto and Megumi. Iwao later belittled his son in front of Megumi and her father. She stood up for Haruto, telling him not to use them for his own "benefit." She then stormed out with Haruto. Iwao found the situation interesting, wondering if the two would "end up together."[3] Later, after hearing that Haruto and Megumi were dating, Iwao and her father began negotiating a business deal. He praised Haruto, but also reminded not to do anything halfheartedly.[8]

A few days later, Haruto had began officially dating Megumi, which pleased Iwao and he spoke kindly to his son. The following day, he saw Haruto attempting to fight Tenma Hase. Iwao stopped the fight and proposed a martial arts competition between the two. He wagered that Haruto would leave Oto alone and study aboard if he lost, but would be "free" if he won.[9] Iwao was present for the first round, but left disappointed as soon as Haruto lost.[2] He did not attend the rest of the competition though he showed up after Haruto won. Haruto told him he would work towards gaining his approval. Iwao reminded him that he did not need him if was not "perfect". He added that Haruto had achieved a "6 out of 10" for the day, admitting that he made some progress.[10]

Physical appearance[]

Iwao had an overall neat appearance. His black was always perfectly combed and never in disarray. Being a businessman, he also always wore a suit.

Personality and traits[]

Iwao was a talented businessman who operated a huge company on par with Domyoji Group. He had built up the company himself since his father had actually left it with an "uncertain future." Iwao was sometimes an overly harsh father in his attempts to prepare Haruto for his future. An example being when he tossed away Haruto's violin after he threw up at a recital. The incident traumatized Haruto, who found it impossible to live up to Iwao's standards. He often said "I have no need for anything less than the perfect son" to Haruto. Iwao also often criticized his son for disappointing him.

Behind the scenes[]

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