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Tsukushi: "We can't enter their world. I wouldn't want to. I learned that lesson well, today."
Yuki: "What she did is something a warm-blooded human couldn't do. Tsukasa's mother is underhanded. I don't think you'd fit into that world. With everything you've suffered at Eitoku, I want you to be happy. You'll probably run into a lot of problems if you keep seeing Domyoji."
Tsukushi talks things over with Yuki

"It's Showdown Time!" (仕組まれた対決! (しくまれたたいけつ) Shikumareta Taiketsu!) is an episode of the Boys Over Flowers anime. The episode originally aired on May 25, 1997 in Japan and was followed by "I Will Tame You!!" on June 1. It marks the first appearance of Shigeru Okawahara.

Tsukushi Makino's mother turns down Kaede Domyoji's bribe. Tsukushi begins to consider ending things with Tsukasa Domyoji. That night, Kaede has Tsukushi and her son brought to her hotel where she reveals his fiancée.


Tsukushi Makino gasps in shock after witnessing the way her mother has rejected Kaede Domyoji's offer of fifty million yen. She tells her "Don't you rich people know how it feels to have your child insulted?" Kaede's secretary Nishida quickly wipes off the rest of the salt, which Tsukushi's mother had just poured on her. After getting over her shock, Kaede responds "Is that your final answer?" She says "It is" and Kaede leaves with Nishida. Tsukushi, meanwhile, is amazed that her mother actually rejected the money. To herself, she thinks "I guess she has maternal feelings towards me after all." She thanks her mother and says "I'm impressed." Her father agrees before collapsing due to the tension.

Tsukushi declares "She's got a lot to learn, if she thinks she can buy me off." Her mother asks "What are you talking about?!" She then reveals her plan to wait for Tsukasa Domyoji's parents to die and therefore "snag the entire fortune." Tsukushi is momentarily dumbstruck, before blowing up on her parents. She says "Are you really my mother?!" Later that day, Tsubaki Domyoji confronts Nishida about her mother's plans for Tsukasa. He, however, cannot tell her. Tsubaki feels a sense of trepidation as she stares on her finger, which was pricked earlier by the torn of a rose. Meanwhile, Tsukasa is smiling happily as he shows the cookies Tsukushi baked to Akira Mimasaka, Sojiro Nishikado, and Rui Hanazawa.

Sojiro asks Tsukasa about his "magical night" with Tsukushi. Akira puts it more bluntly, "You did it, didn't you?" He is confused at first until Rui uses a toy that says Tsukasa "had sex." Tsukasa informs them "I didn't do anything," which disappoints Akira and Sojiro whom think it is "embarrassing" for him to be a virgin at eighteen. Annoyed, he hits them and then states "I don't want to force her into doing it!" Sojiro replies "It'll be 50 years before she feels ready." The guys start giving him advice about sex. Meanwhile, Tsukushi is at work with Yuki Matsuoka, who makes a comment about her losing weight. Tsukushi says "It's because of stress." She thinks of Tsukasa's mother and says to herself "I have an awful feeling."

Walking through the city, Tsubaki comes upon a gardenia flower which reminds her of the past. A friend tells a young Tsubaki the uses of the flower's berries, saying "Even after the flowers dies, this plant helps people." Present-day, the friend, Urara Aoi, appears before her and says the same thing she said long ago. They go to a café together to catch up. Urara reveals where she went after elementary school at Eitoku Academy. She returned to Japan after university but left to "see more of the world," only to return when her father died. The topic turns to Tsukasa, about whom Urara says "I look forward to seeing how he grows up." Tsubaki nearly breaks down, telling her friend "I didn't want him to suffer like I did."

Tsukushi tells Yuki about what happened with Tsukasa's mother. She sympathizes with her friend and worries about her future, saying "You'll probably run into a lot of problems if you keep seeing Domyoji." At that moment, Tsukushi decides to break things off with Tsukasa. Next, Nishida enters the shop with a letter from Kaede. Tsukushi agrees to come with him. She slowly stews in the car, promising to "tell that hag off!" Upon reaching the hotel, Tsukushi feels deflated but is able to fire herself up again. She is brought into a room shortly after Tsukasa has been dragged there by bodyguards. Another girl has to be brought there forcibly as well. Kaede introduces her as Shigeru Okawahara, Tsukasa's fiancée.

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Akira Mimasaka Yuta Mochizuki
Chieko Makino Rumi Watanabe
Kaede Domyoji Mika Doi
Nishida Hitoshi Honma
Rui Hanazawa Koji Yamamoto
Shigeru Okawahara Emika Sato (Debut)
Sojiro Nishikado Yoshihiko Akaida
Tsubaki Domyoji Chiho Okawa
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida
Urara Aoi Yoko Koyanagi
Yasukichi Makino Nobuaki Suzuki
Yuki Matsuoka Kanako Tobimatsu


Additional voices


  • Script: Yumi Kageyama
  • Director: Yasuo Yamayoshi
  • Animation director: Chuji Nakajima
  • Art directors: Yukie Yuki, Kunihiro Chida


Chapters covered:
Arc: Tsukasa's Fiancée, Shigeru


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