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"Issa admires Nishikado as the head of his family's school and as a ladies' man, so he says it's insolent to be ranked on par with him."
Airi describes Issa's admiration of Sojiro[src]

Issa Narumiya (成宮 一茶 (なるみや いっさ) Narumiya Issa) was a member of the Correct 5 with his friends, Haruto Kaguragi, Sugimaru Eibi, Kaito Taira, and Airi Maya. He was a student at Eitoku Senior High. Once a month, he held a flower arranging demonstrations for his family's school. His role model was the F4's Sojiro Nishikado.


Early life[]


The Correct 5 as children


The Correct 5 with Amei

Issa was born on September 9.[1] He was named after a tea master.[2] His family specialized in the "Narumiya Style" of flower arranging. Issa was shown to be talented at it, having learned from his grandfather who was considered a "national treasure" in Japan.[3] Additionally, the family regularly held classes teaching flower arranging.[4]

Issa became friends with Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, and Airi Maya after meeting during primary school.[5][6] They were also friends with Amei Hanawa, before she moved away to Kyushu during the fourth grade.[7]

High school[]

After joining the Correct 5, Issa and the other members began attending Eitoku Senior High. Spearheaded by Haruto, the group began their "peasant hunts". They would force the poor students to withdrawal in order to restore Eitoku back to its former glory.[8]

Meeting Oto[]


Issa visits Oto's classroom

"When are we doing it? Looks like your butt's glued to the hair, Haruto... So is that Edogawa girl here yet? If so, then let's get it over with. Haruto?"
—Issa notices Haruto's reluctance to expel Oto[src]

After performing another "peasant hunt," Issa and the other Correct 5 members met Oto Edogawa when she ran in front of their car by accident.[8] Sometime later, Haruto revealed that a girl was blackmailing him about his love for mail-order items. Issa suggested that he make her his girlfriend. Haruto took Issa's advice, but it ended in a disaster.[9] Later, Issa, Kaito, and Sugimaru discovered fliers that declared that Oto was a "peasant." Issa recognized her as the girl who ran in front of their car days previously.[10] The Correct 5 made the decision to give Oto a withdrawal notice. Issa noticed Haruto's hesitance, commenting that his "butt [was] glued to the chair." He then revealed that he could not bring himself to expel Oto, causing Airi to run off to do it herself. Haruto went after her, but Sugimaru and Issa remained behind.[11]

Having missed Tenma Hase rescue Oto, Kaito divulged all of the details to Issa and Sugimaru later. Issa asked "Is it true he came bursting in like in those TV dramas?"[12] After Oto returned from the hospital, Issa visited Oto's classroom when. He was curious about whether Oto was the girl who ran in front of their car or not. Before leaving, Issa told her classmates to not to bully her since she was no longer being expelled.[13] Later, his friends came to watch one of his monthly demonstrations. Issa was surprised when Haruto revealed that he was unaware of Airi's feelings for him. He then performed an elaborate flower arranging ceremony in front of a large crowd. Issa was hoping that the hotel owner's daughter Megumi Nishidome was watching and that he could meet her, but he did not get the chance.[14]

Enter Megumi[]


Issa's attempts to flirt with Megumi fail

Issa: "So? Was Megurin here? The owner's daughter."
Sugimaru: "Megurin? Who's that? Don't know her. Besides, don't you have a girl already?"
— Issa looks around excitedly for Megumi[src]

The next day at school, Issa was disappointed about not meeting Megumi. A few seconds later, she walked right up to Haruto with his wallet.[15] He and the others were skeptical about his story that he accidentally ran into her in the resort's bath. Once their shock wore off, they brought Megumi to their salon. Issa attempted to charm her but she ignored him, being interested in Haruto instead. She shocked everyone by comparing Haruto to a character from an otome app.[16] Some days later, Issa and Sugimaru annoyed Airi with their unconcerned attitude towards Haruto, who had been upset from school for two days. Later that day, Megumi had transferred to Eitoku, causing a boom in applications. Issa was happy about her transfer, saying "I'm so happy that Megurin's here."[17]

Later, the Correct 5 became concerned when students were being targeted in "Eitoku hunts." The guys informed Haruto about the situation which Issa described as "grave." Kaito suggested that Haruto date Megumi or atleast pretend. Sometime later, the school's gates were vandalized.[18] While Oto encouraged the others to start cleaning it, Issa took a negative view of the situation commenting "Even if we erase it, it's bound to happen again." He still joined his friends in helping clean it.[19] Some days later, Haruto and Megumi were already "over." Issa mentioned that Haruto was too "genuine" to fake a relationship with someone. He added "But that's what I like about Haruto."[20] Later, Haruto revealed to his friends that he knew who was behind the attacks on Eitoku students. Issa suggested "We should wait before acting."[21]

Haruto vs. Tenma[]


The Correct 5 give Haruto advice before the second round

"Listen, Haruto. There's a way to lose without embarrassing yourself. Basically, it's to lose as elegantly as you can."
—Issa's advice to Haruto[src]

After Haruto was absent from school, Kaito found out that he was with Sugimaru. Issa then called Sugimaru's house and learned that they went to Kyoto three days earlier. He suspected it had something to do with the dojo that Sugimaru's family owned.[22] Some days later, they learned that Haruto was training to compete against Tenma at the "Manly Man Festival." Upon hearing this, Issa said "We're doomed." Airi tried to get the guys to "believe in Haruto" without much luck. Kaito then asked Oto whose side she was on, to which Issa said "She is Hase's fiancée after all." Airi defended her, though Oto said that the contest was likely because of her.[23] At the festival, Issa supported Haruto by shouting "Just give it your best shot!" Haruto lost the first round to Tenma. His friends were disappointed, but not surprised.[24]

After the first round, Issa learned that Haruto had met Sojiro Nishikado and began asking him questions about him. Kaito interrupted to put the focus back on the next round. Issa advised Haruto "to lose as elegantly as [he could]." He was then surprised when he won the round. After Tenma did not show up for the final round, Haruto ended up winning the entire competition.[25] Afterwards, Issa went to a café with Kaito, Airi, and Sugimaru. He commented about Tenma's strange behavior during the second round. Airi then asked where Haruto was and Issa replied "Said he had something to do."[26] In the morning, he, Kaito, and Sugimaru picked up Haruto at a bridge. He had been waiting for Oto to show up. Issa tried to comfort him by saying "Half the world's population is female. Guys like us have our pick of the litter."[27]

Changes at Eitoku[]


Issa, Sugimaru, and Kaito on vacation in Hawaii

"So, Haruto. Wanting to train with me and Sugimaru all of a sudden... You want to show off a hot bod when you take your clothes off, right? To impress Edogawa?"
—Issa teases Haruto[src]

Issa spent Christmas "juggl[ing] six ladies." On New Years' Eve, he celebrated the new year with the Correct 5. Kaito made an announcement that "things need to change", referring to Eitoku's rivalry with Momonozono. Issa was in favor of joining forces, saying "That means there'll be twice as many girls."[28] Following their partnership, Eitoku and Momonozono began holding joint classes often. Issa gained a considerable following among the Momonozono girls as did Haruto. He later commented about how Haruto had changed, saying "He was more the cute type before."[29] Around the same time, Haruto began frequenting night clubs with Issa.[6] They later went on the joint summer school, which was located at a beach resort. Issa and the others, except Haruto, went on Megumi's yacht the first day.[30]

Upon arriving back to the resort, they noticed that Haruto was not back yet. Issa remembered that he had gone on a snorkeling tour. He questioned some girls who were on the same tour, but they did not recall Haruto and Oto getting off the boat. It was then suspected that they were left behind in the ocean by accident.[31] The two were eventually saved by Tenma and Airi. Issa suggested celebrating Haruto's "safe return". He declined, deciding to return to Tokyo that night.[32] A few days later, Issa, Kaito and Sugimaru found themselves alone in Hawaii. Airi had wanted to have Haruto's birthday party there. However, neither her nor Haruto ended up going, leaving the others at a loss. Issa decided to find some girls, which he was able to do within a few seconds. Sugimaru and Kaito both declined to join him.[33]

After returning to Japan, Haruto took Issa by surprise when he asked for advice on dating spots. He then asked if Haruto had a girlfriend, to which Kaito answered Oto. He wanted details on how it happened, but was unconvinced by Haruto's answers.[34] Later, Issa and Sugimaru were working out with Haruto. Issa teased him about wanting "to impress Edogawa". Haruto then told them he was planning a summer festival for Oto. He also revealed some problems he was having with her, to which they said "That's not dating."[35] At Haruto's festival, Issa complimented Oto's appearance. Haruto became annoyed, leading Issa to say "He even gets jealous of me." He and Sugimaru got along surprisingly well with Oto's coworker Arisa Konno and her boyfriend. They played several games with them during the festival.[36]

Amei's return[]


Correct 5 give advice to Haruto about meeting Oto's father

Amei: "I knew I wanted to eventually come back here. If I fell in love with someone over there I wouldn't want to come back. Oh, and just so you know. I had lots of admirers."
Issa: "Of course. You were the cutest girl in school when you were here."
Airi: "What? The cutest?"
Issa: "Oh! I mean you were in the top two!"
— Issa asks if Amei had a boyfriend in Kyushu[src]

Eitoku's second semester started soon. The Correct 5, minus Airi, gave a speech to the student body. Afterwards, Kaito shocked Issa and Sugimaru when he confessed his feelings to Airi.[37] Several days later, he had heard about Amei moving back to Tokyo. He held a welcome party at his house for her. Issa made the mistake of calling her the "cutest girl in school" in front of Airi. He then quickly served the cake.[7] Late into the night, Amei, Haruto, and Airi had disappeared from the party. Issa was left to entertain Sugimaru, who was demanding a rematch at pool.[38] The next morning, the Correct 5 arrived at school with Amei and showed her their spot. Haruto received a text from Oto, informing him her father wanted to meet him. Issa told him "If her father likes you, you've got a straight shot at marriage."[39]

Haruto later informed everyone that the meeting did not go well.[40] Sometime after that, Issa made a comment that they had not seen Oto lately. That night, the guys went out together. They spotted Oto with Tenma in the background of a news program. Haruto then dashed off.[41] Once Airi declared that she was going, Issa and the others decided to go to Los Angeles as well. Haruto was irritated by them interrupting his time with Oto. They later went to Momonozono's Los Angeles campus, where Tenma gave them a tour.[42] Sugimaru forced Issa to play basketball with him against Haruto and Tenma.[43] Later that night, Haruto told the others about meeting Tsukushi Makino, which Issa thought was amazing. Sugimaru then made a comment about Airi and Kaito, whom were cuddling in the corner.[44]

Meeting the F4[]


Issa hangs out with Sojiro and Akira

Issa: "I introduced myself. I told him I've admired him for so long. And then..."
Sojiro: "Issa Narumiya? I've heard of that name. We have the same taste in women. I was thinking I needed to reel you in. I'm kidding. We should hang out sometime."
— Issa becomes friends with Sojiro[src]

The following day, Tenma brought everyone to Tsubaki Domyoji's house. She later made a speech about destiny that can also be applied to friends. Issa said "So it's a miracle we're all together."[45] The Correct 5 and Oto headed back to Tokyo that night. They discovered that Tsukushi had stowed away. While she was sleeping, Issa commented "I thought she'd have an amazing aura, but she's so ordinary."[46] A day after that, he joined the others in seeing off Tsukushi since she was returning to Los Angeles. Kaito told her about how Haruto changed after meeting Tsukasa Domyoji. Issa agreed and added "And it's also thanks to Edogawa."[47] They were then surprised when Haruto arrived with the F4, especially Issa who was in awe of Sojiro. After the F4 and Tsukushi left, Issa and the others cheered out of pure happiness.[48]

Some days later, Oto invited everyone to her new apartment. Issa and the others decided not to go since they had "crashed" the Los Angeles trip. They went to a restaurant by themselves instead.[49] After eating, Issa received a text from Sojiro inviting him to hang out. He revealed that he had introduced himself to Sojiro during the previous encounter. Issa then nervously asked about his clothes, before rushing off.[2] On Christmas, the Correct 5 and Oto attended Konno's wedding. Noticing Oto and Haruto's nervousness, Issa asked them about the other day. Their response made it easy for the others to guess what happened. Sometime later, a nervous Issa went out with Sojiro and Akira Mimasaka. Sojiro asked him if he thought "true love" existed. He responded "Perhaps it's out there somewhere?"[50]

Physical appearance[]

Issa was once described as the Correct 5's "handsomest" member. He was extremely vain about his appearance, even stating "My looks are everything." His "down-turned eyes" were remarked as one of his "charming points." He had short, dark brown hair which he parted towards the left side of his face. Issa also had both of his ears pierced.

Personality and traits[]

He had an exceptional talent for flower arranging (ikebana), which his family was famous for. His monthly demonstrations drew huge crowds, particularly women who liked his looks. Issa was noted for being a flirt, being called "the Academy's biggest flirt" by Sugimaru. He enjoyed dating frequently, though his relationships were never serious. Issa had been interested in girls from a young age. His hero was the F4's Sojiro Nishikado, whom he shared several similarities with. Issa strove to be a "ladies' man" like Sojiro and also admired him "as the head of his family's school," which he would likely be in the future.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes


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Jin Suzuki as Issa

  • Jin Suzuki plays Issa in the drama, Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season (2018).[51] Suzuki's hair was dyed blonde for the role, though promotional photos were shot prior to this. Like in the manga, Issa is depicted as a harmless flirt. His ikebana exhibits also seem tailored for his female fans. He is an acquaintance of Sojiro, who calls Issa his "martial arts friend."



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