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The inspee (インスピー () insupī) was a toy given to Tsukushi Makino by Yuki Matsuoka. It was said to "check" emotions and also had some fortunetelling capabilities. On one occasion, Tsukushi used it to prove Yuriko Asai and her friends had ill intentions. She used it often thereafter, usually to calm her nerves.


Inspee, a toy, became a popular fad at Yuki Matsuoka's school. One day, she noticed Tsukushi Makino was feeling down and used the toy on her. Tsukushi then confided in her what had happened with the F4 that day. Yuki ended up giving her the toy in cheer her up.[1] A few days later, Tsukushi was asked to a party by Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara. The girls had actually invited her there to embarrass her. Tsukushi used the toy on them to reveal their "true feelings." She then announced to whole party that the girls were there just to snag a rich man.[2] Two days later, Tsukushi showed the inspee to Kazuya Aoike, her old friend whom had just transferred to Eitoku Academy. Kazuya told her that the toy was also very popular at his old school.[3]

During summer vacation, Tsukushi accidentally kissed Tsukasa Domyoji. She used the device while trying to sleep that night. Tsukushi told herself a kiss was "no big deal" though the toy's results said she felt otherwise.[4] In the fall, the inspee fell out of her pocket while she was talking to Rui at the emergency exit. She showed him how to use it, asking him "When I come here, do I bother you?" He answered no and the toy did not light up, which Tsukushi was happy about. Rui then used it on her. Whatever he asked, caused it to light up brightly.[5] Along with her voice recorder and books, Tsukushi left the inspee at the emergency exit by mistake.[6] She went back to retrieve her things later. Tsukushi brought the inspee to Shizuka Todo's birthday party. After spotting Tsukasa in the crowd, she used it to calm herself down.[7]

When Tsukushi was trapped in an elevator with Tsukasa, she used the inspee to make conversation with him. Tsukushi asked him "Were you interested in the girls who tried to pick you up?," causing it to light up. Tsukasa then slapped it away, saying "Of course not!"[8] Tsukushi later used it to calm herself when she found herself in a hotel room. It helped her focus on her last memory of the previous night.[9] The next day, Tsukushi used it before entering the restaurant to see Thomas.[10] The morning after photos of her and Thomas were posted at school, Tsukushi used the inspee for advice. She interpreted its answer to mean for her to go to school.[11] That night, she turned to it to ask for help on what to do about Tsukasa's feelings for her. It lit up all the way, to which she replied "You don't know?"[12]

Some weeks later, Tsukasa walked by a shop and saw two inspees in the window. He recalled the time Tsukushi used it on him.[13] A few days later in Canada, Akira Mimasaka predicted that Tsukushi and Tsukasa had stripped naked and warmed another up while they were stuck in a cabin during a blizzard. He declared "The truth always comes out, you know." Akira and Sojiro Nishikado forced Tsukushi and Tsukasa to use the toy. The inspee lit up brightly.[14] Sometime after the Canada trip, Tsukasa was in the hospital after being attacked by Junpei Oribe's accomplices. The topic of virginity came up while talking to Tsukushi, leading him to claim he was not a virgin. She handed him the inspee and ordered him to repeat what he said. He, however, refused to do so.[15]

Behind the scenes[]



Inspee as sold by Bandai

  • The toy is exclusive to the 1996 anime and makes its debut in the first episode of the series.
  • It is never referred to as "Inspee" in the series, but was sold by Bandai under the name. The retail price for the object was 3600 yen in 1996.[16] Several related toys were also released by Bandai during this time.
  • In the Anime Album, the toy is said to have three functions including fortunetelling.
  • Inspee can be seen briefly in the water during the second ending theme song of the anime.



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