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Imabayashi: "But! Tomorrow is too sudden! At least give me a few days."
Haruto: "One day for the likes of you will be the ruin of the legendary Eitoku Academy. Eitoku Academy doesn't need commoners."
— Imabayashi tries to protest his withdrawal[src]

Imabayashi (今林 (いまばやし) ) was a former student of Eitoku Senior High. He was forced to withdrawal by the Correct 5, after not paying his tuition to the school.


Imabayashi enrolled into Eitoku Academy about two years prior, possibly making him a high school senior. He had not paid tuition in ten months nor had he donated any funds since his enrollment. The Correct 5 confronted him about this and subsequently handed him a withdrawal notice. He tried to ask for a few more days, but Haruto Kaguragi refused.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Imabayashi was what most would call normal or average. He had short, slightly disheveled hair that reached just above his ears. He was only seen wearing Eitoku Academy's regular student uniform.

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