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"I like to believe if I wear great shoes, they'll take me to great places" (いい靴をはいてると その靴がいい所へ連れて行ってくれる Ī kutsu o hai teruto sono kutsu ga ī tokoro e tsureteitte kureru) was a phrase spoken by Shizuka Todo to Tsukushi Makino. She said it to Tsukushi when she complimented her shoes. Shizuka then elaborated that she adopted the philosophy that "great shoes" will bring her to "great places" while staying in Europe.[1] Tsukushi later recalled what Shizuka said while buying shoes for school. She decided to buy the more expensive pair of shoes and hoped that they would "guide" her.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The line is a major quote from Boys Over Flowers with nearly every adaptation having some iteration of it.
  • In the fifth episode of the anime, the phrase is translated into English as "When you wear beautiful shoes, they will take you to beautiful places."