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Tsukushi: "It was like a scene in a movie. They went running off together. I was left there looking like a fool."
Yuki: "Um, Tsukushi... Are you sure you're not just in shock? To find out that he had a fiancée?"
Tsukushi talks to Yuki about Tsukasa's fiancée

"I Will Tame You!!" (調教してあげる!! (ちょうきょうしてあげる) Chōkyō Shite Ageru!!) is the thirty-eighth installment of the Boys Over Flowers anime based on a manga by Yoko Kamio. The episode first aired on June 1, 1997 in Japan. It was followed by the thirty-ninth episode, "Love Triangle from Hell!," on June 8.

Tsukasa Domyoji runs off with Shigeru Okawahara by mistake. An angry Tsukushi Makino assumes that have been dating and refuses to believe otherwise. The next day, Shigeru comes to Eitoku Academy and runs into Tsukushi.


Shigeru Okawahara shouts at her mother "What's this all about?!" Her mother tells her to be quiet, before turning to Tsukasa Domyoji and saying "As you can see, she's a tomboy, but I put her in your hands." He instead declares "I'll kill her!" and then rants about his parents wanting to "determine [his] life." Shigeru expresses similar sentiments. However, neither her mother nor Tsukasa's mother Kaede Domyoji take the pair seriously. Shigeru's mother jokes "It seems that's what they all say, at the beginning." She and Kaede then begin making plans for their children's future together as Tsukasa shouts at them in the background. Meanwhile, Tsukushi Makino, who has not said a word, continues to be frozen in the same spot.

Shigeru's mother finally notices Tsukushi standing there and asks "Who is this?" Looking triumphant, Kaede addresses her by saying "Do you see, now, how things stand?" Tsukushi quietly answers "Yes." Kaede then says "You will surely meet a boy who's right for you," before turning around. Tsukushi, however, remains frozen as Kaede's words swim through her head. Tsukasa fights off Kaede's bodyguards and grabs someone's hand as he runs out of the hotel. It takes Tsukasa several minutes to realize that he has grabbed Shigeru instead of Tsukushi. Meanwhile, Tsukushi is fuming as she thinks about Tsukasa running out with Shigeru. She convinces herself that Tsukasa has already been dating Shigeru.

Tsukushi meets Yuki Matsuoka to rant about the situation. She tells her "It must be a mistake," but an infuriated Tsukushi insists that it is not. Yuki then asks "Are you sure you're not just in shock?" Tsukushi, however, refuses to own up to it. Meanwhile, Tsukasa is walking fast in order to lose Shigeru. She eventually stops him to ask him for money but he has none. Shigeru then tries to make him feel guilty by pointing out that he dragged her out here barefoot. Tsukasa has no sympathy for her. His attitude annoys Shigeru so much that she jumps on his back and bites his ear. Tsukasa then throws her off and blushes fiercely as he hurries away. Shigeru watches him leave and repeats his name, declaring "Interesting!"

The next day at school, Tsukushi thinks "I won't feel better 'til I tell him off." She rushes out of her classroom, eventually finding Tsukasa in the cafeteria with Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro Nishikado. She sarcastically congratulates him. He asks "Do you really think I knew about it?" and informs her that his mother was behind it. Tsukushi reminds him that he ran out with Shigeru "hand in hand," which he then claims was a "mistake." Tsukushi feels that this is impossible, considering that their "hairstyles and clothing were completely different." She shouts at him "I don't appreciate being used as a plaything before your marriage!" Tsukasa tries to grab her as she leaves, but she kicks him in the stomach.

Tsukushi sits down in the courtyard, thinking of Shigeru whom she does not remember well due to the "whirlwind" of the previous night. A few moments later, Shigeru, who has snuck onto campus, appears before her. She recognizes Tsukushi and sits down to chat with her. Shigeru tells her about how Tsukasa treated her last night. Tsukushi asks "You and he have been dating, haven't you?" Shigeru reveals that they have only just met. After explaining everything to Sojiro and Akira, Tsukasa walks up Tsukushi before noticing Shigeru. He begins shouting at her. Shigeru then mentions biting his ear, leading Tsukasa to attempt to hit her. She dodges and punches him as she declares "As your fiancée, I'll tame you!"

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Akira Mimasaka Yuta Mochizuki
Kaede Domyoji Mika Doi
Shigeru Okawahara Emika Sato
Sojiro Nishikado Yoshihiko Akaida
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida
Yuki Matsuoka Kanako Tobimatsu


Additional voices


  • Script: Genki Yoshimura
  • Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi
  • Animation director: Yasuhiro Namatame
  • Art directors: Shinzo Yuki, Tadaumi Shimokawa


Chapters covered:
Arc: Tsukasa's Fiancée, Shigeru
103, 104


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