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Hua Ze Lei (Chinese: 花泽类; pinyin: Huāzé Lèi) was a music major at Ming De University. He was a member of the F4 with his friends Dao Ming Si , Xi Men Yan, and Feng Mei Zuo.


Early life

Hua Ze Lei had a mild autism as a child. His condition improved when he met Teng Jang Jing, whom he fell in love with. Years later, Jing left Shanghai to study in Paris, leaving Lei heartbroken.[citation needed]


Hua Ze Lei studied for his Bachelor of Music at Ming De University. Alongside the other F4 members, they formed an exclusive bridge club. He was described as a calm bridge player who deceived his opponents with his smile.[citation needed]

Meeting Shan Cai

During the first few times F4 encountered Dong Shan Cai, Lei showed an introverted personality. He later revealed his caring side to Shan Cai, defending her from F4's leader Dao Ming Si and a number of bullies.[citation needed]

Physical appearance

Lei had slightly curly brown hair that fell down to his forehead. His face is described as innocent, calm, and angelic.

Personality and traits

He had a quiet and cold personality towards strangers and acquaintances. Lei portrayed himself as a person uninterested in other's business. Shan Cai changed this part of his personality as he would often help her work through her problems. He was extremely loyal to his friends.

Behind the scenes

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