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"Will you please tell President Hase that we rescued you? As it is, I'll be punished by Konoe. President Hase is the only one who can stop that."
—Honda begs Oto for help[src]

Honda (本田 (ほんだ) ) was a student at Momonozono Academy. He was a member of the Student Council until Hitoshi Konoe forced him to quit.


Honda was a member Momonozono Academy's Student Council. As a member, he and the others began going on patrols around the city. One time, they found Oto Edogawa being targeted during an "Eitoku hunt." Seeing her uniform, Honda questioned whether they should help her. Vice president Hitoshi Konoe chastised him for thinking this way. At the hospital, Honda asked Oto to tell Tenma Hase about them saving her. He was afraid that Konoe would punish him for his earlier hesitation.[1]

Several days later, Konoe forced Honda to quit the council. He reported to Tenma that Honda had quit of his own accord. Tenma was surprised since Honda was an executive committee member for the school's upcoming cultural festival. He considered it out of character for Honda to suddenly leave like that.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Honda was a normal student with a small build and plain face. He parted his bangs right in the middle. His face was often marked with a nervous look, particularly around Konoe. He was only shown wearing Momonozono's uniform.

Personality and traits[]

He was a rather nervous person, which was likely because of the time he spent around Konoe. Honda was genuinely afraid of him and dreaded the punishments that he doled out to the council members. Apparently when he was not around Konoe, Honda was considered a responsible and trusted member of the council.

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