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Tsukushi: "Quit staring at them. It's embarrassing. I'm sorry, okay? It's all I could afford! I thought it would be funny to draw your expressions! Come on--Just give them back to me!"
Tsukasa: "I'm so happy!"
Tsukasa kisses Tsukushi after getting the cookies[src]

Homemade cookies (手作りクッキー () ) were a baked good made by Tsukushi Makino. She based the cookies on Tsukasa Domyoji's expressions. On his eighteenth birthday, Tsukushi gave them to Tsukasa as a present.


Tsukushi Makino asked her friend Yuki Matsuoka on advice for Tsukasa Domyoji's birthday present. Yuki initially suggested a homemade cake, but Tsukushi's house did not have an oven. She settled on baking cookies on the family's fish grill.[1] Tsukushi molded them to look like Tsukasa, thinking it "funny to draw [his] expressions."[2] At his party, she decided not give him the cookies after seeing his lavish gifts.[3] They eventually left the party together to escape his mother. Tsukasa brought her onto his family's yacht, which had no food on it. Tsukushi gave him her gift. Tsukasa was speechless at first. He then kissed her, saying "I'm so happy!"[2] Tsukasa refused to eat any of them and stared at them instead. The next morning, he showed them to Rui Hanazawa. Tsukasa was upset when Rui took a bite of one.[4]

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Cookies in the anime


Cookies in Meteor Garden

  • The cookies appear in episode ten of Meteor Garden (2001). Shan Cai (Tsukushi) worries about a gift for Si's (Tsukasa) birthday since she is low on funds. Xiao You (Yuki) suggest making cookies and helps her practice at the bakery. Shan Cai badly burns the first patch. She gives Si the cookies after they escape the party. He kisses her as a way of saying thanks. The next day, he shows them off to Lei (Rui) first and then gets angry when he takes a bite.



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