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The home run ball (ホームランボール () hōmu ran bōru) was a baseball hit by Mike Hall and caught by Tsukushi Makino at a game in Tokyo, Japan. After she threw it at Tsukasa Domyoji, it was found by a young child named Makoto.


The final game of the Major League of that year was held in Tokyo, Japan. The Bears' clean-up hitter, Mike Hall, hit his eightieth home run of the year, breaking a world record. Tsukushi Makino, attending the game with Tsukasa Domyoji, caught the ball which Mike Hall later signed.[1] Sometime later, the ball was among the objects Tsukushi decided to purge when it appeared Tsukasa and Umi Nakajima were becoming a couple.[2] She attempted to return the objects to Tsukasa whose attitude annoyed her. Tsukushi impulsively threw the baseball, hitting him square in the forehead.[3] The ball was later found by a grade schooler, Makoto, while his mother was walking him to the bus.[4] His mother put the ball up for auction and sold it for two hundred million yen. The mother and son were also featured on the news.[5]

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