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"Being under such a beautiful blue sky, I feel like even a lowlife like me can become pure."
—Hitoshi Konoe[src]

Hitoshi Konoe (近衛 仁 (このえ ひとし) Konoe Hitoshi) was the vice president of Momonozono Academy's Student Council. He was close friends with the student body president Tenma Hase, who saved him from jumping off a bridge. Konoe was willing to go to great lengths for Tenma. He later decided to change himself and become a better person.


Early life[]

Konoe began attending Momonozono Academy in primary school. He was bullied often by his classmates, due to being "sickly" and "short". In middle school, Konoe decided to end his life by jumping off a bridge. Tenma Hase saved him, so he resolved to continue living. From then on, Tenma stopped everyone from bullying Konoe.[1] His family lived in a condo in the Minato ward.[2]

High school[]

By high school, Konoe had became Tenma's vice president on Momonozono's Student Council. He was overly stern with the other members and claimed that they could all be "easily replaced."[3]

Eitoku hunts[]


Konoe threatens Oto

"Are you going to tell President Hase? Go right ahead. You have no proof. Even if you tell on me, no one will believe you."
—Konoe to Oto[src]

One night, Konoe and other council members were patrolling the streets when they found Oto Edogawa being attacked. Once they ran off, Honda questioned what they should do upon seeing her Eitoku uniform. Konoe chastised him. They then brought Oto to a hospital where Konoe called Tenma. He arrived soon.[4] That night, Konoe took Oto to work at Tenma's request. He asked her several times when she would be transferring to Momonozono, as well as advising her to quit her job as it was an "embarrassment to President Hase." After dropping her off, Konoe stayed behind to spy on her talking to Haruto Kaguragi.[5] He waited for her to get off work. Konoe talked about his admiration for Tenma and questioned her about meeting Haruto "secretly." He then warned her "not to do anything that might be misconstrued."[1]

The next day, after sending a uniform to Oto, Konoe met with his associates to pay them. They asked him if he wanted them to continue "Eitoku hunting," but he told them to "lay off for now." He spotted Oto watching him. Konoe asked her about her transfer, which she told him she had decided against.[2] Before leaving, he told her that she was "not suitable" for Tenma. Konoe met Tenma and headed to his house, where Oto was waiting. She accused Konoe of being the mastermind behind the attacks. Tenma believed she was mistaken, causing Oto to leave in tears.[6] He and Tenma later happened upon Oto with Haruto. Konoe made some insinuations.[7] An argument raged on until Oto asked everyone to leave. Back in the car, Tenma asked Konoe if he was involved in the attacks and he lied.[8]

Tenma vs. Haruto[]


Konoe's associates turn on him

"Back when I had those guys attack Eitoku students and vandalize the school gates, I had only intended to cause a little harm. But when I found out about you, I was even more enraged. I couldn't forgive you. You should be on President Hase's side, yet you have feelings for another guy. President Hase really loves you!"
—Konoe to Oto[src]

Several days later, Konoe learned that Tenma was planning to compete against Haruto at the "Manly Man Festival." He told Oto about his intentions to announce the news online and to the media, so everyone could "witness Kaguragi's and Eitoku's humiliating defeat."[9] Oto begged him not to do it, though this only angered Konoe. He saw her actions as attempts to protect Haruto, while he believed she should have been on Tenma's side.[10] Konoe's plan worked as the stadium was full of students from both schools on the day of the competition. The festival was also broadcast live on television. When Haruto saw Konoe there, he promised him that he would "kick [his] butt" afterwards. Konoe was skeptical about his chances, firmly believing in Tenma. He told him "If you're still able to stand once it's over that is."[11]

After Tenma won the first round, Konoe shed tears of joy. He said to himself, "President Hase's victory is almost within reach."[12] Once Tenma lost the second round, Konoe rushed to his side to see if he was okay. Upon seeing Haruto next to him, Konoe told him to stop "pestering" Tenma and was confident that he would do well in the final round. Tenma suddenly interrupted Konoe with a punch, having found out that he lied about the attacks. He tried to defend himself, but Tenma only told him "Don't ever show your face in front of me again."[13] After the end of the contest, he made a final payment to his associates, who wanted to continue the arrangement. Konoe wanted to end it and accidentally insulted them in the process.[14] The three guys then proceeded to beat him to within an inch of his life.[15]

Reforming himself[]


Konoe apologizes to Haruto

"I've never believed in God or Buddha. But, if they exist, I will pray to them. And the I will change my ways and be a good person"
—Konoe promises to reform himself[src]

Konoe was taken to the same hospital as Tenma. He eventually ran into Oto who confirmed that Tenma was unable to move his right hand. Konoe felt responsible for the incident and told her that he would "go away." He walked up to the roof, where he attempted to jump. Oto stopped him by saying "Tenma will think it's his fault." A few minutes later, Tenma came up to the roof and Konoe apologized to him. Tenma decided to "believe in [him] one more time."[16] After Tenma was released from the hospital, Konoe stayed with him and Oto at the Hases' Kyoto house. He later attempted to cheer up Tenma by getting a tree for Christmas. On New Years', he went to Tokyo with Tenma who was proposing a partnership between Eitoku and Momonozono. Konoe took responsibility for the attacks and apologized to the Correct 5.[17]

In January, Tenma had surgery on his right arm. Konoe was anxious about the outcome and promised Oto that he would "change [his] ways and be a good person."[17] Six months later, he and Tenma were able to return to Tokyo. Konoe was excited and commented that "the other council members really stepped up." He continued to help Tenma with his physical therapy.[18] Konoe later helped organize the joint summer school between Eitoku and Momonozono. He was surprised when Oto came since she had said she was not going.[19] The first night, Oto and Haruto were stranded in the ocean. They were rescued by Tenma and Airi Maya, and brought back to the resort.[20] A day after Oto left, Konoe and Tenma were left alone with Airi. She said something hurtful to Tenma about Oto. Konoe was angry but Tenma let it go.[21]

A couple days later, they returned to Tokyo. Konoe was relieved that the summer school was over, feeling that he could "finally relax." He then noticed Airi, who was there to apologize to Tenma. Her nose began bleeding. Tenma held her head up, while Konoe found a bench for her to lie on. He then went to get medical personnel.[22] A few days later, Tenma was distracted during a council meeting and excused himself. Konoe followed him to make sure he was alright, asking him if something had happened with Oto. Tenma confirmed as much, before confiding that she had chosen a "new path" with someone else.[23] Later, when Tenma announced he was going to transfer to Momonozono's sister school in Los Angeles, Konoe decided to go with him. Knowing Tenma would object, Konoe surprised him at the airport.[24]

Life in Los Angeles[]


Konoe in the video he sent to Oto

Konoe: "Edo, did something happen in Japan? You came quite suddenly."
Oto: "Nothing. It was a long weekend."
Konoe: "What kind of answer is that? I'm going to grill you later!"
— Konoe is suspicious of Oto's surprise visit[src]

Konoe quickly adapted to his new life in Los Angeles, becoming "fit and healthy" in the process. He sent a video to Oto of Momonozono's barbecue with another school. In the video, Konoe and Tenma asked her to come visit sometime.[25] The two were shocked, but excited, when she arrived the next day. Konoe later asked her if something had happened to her in Japan, though she only answered "nothing."[26] They then took her to a restaurant, where Tenma received a call about a "suspicious person on school grounds." After locating Haruto, Konoe and Tenma went back to school. Konoe was unsure about leaving Oto, asking Tenma "But Edo flew all this way, are you sure?" He assured Konoe that he trusted Haruto.[27] The next day, Tenma and Konoe gave the Correct 5 and Oto a tour of their school.[28]

Konoe served as the referee when Tenma teamed with Haruto for a basketball match against Sugimaru Eibi and Issa Narumiya.[29] The next day, they all went to Tsubaki Domyoji's house. Oto asked Konoe if their casual clothing was okay and he replied "They don't care about such matters."[30] During the party, Tsubaki mentioned the first time she met Tenma that he looked "so sad" that she "figured it was all about a girl." Konoe tried to stop her but it was too late. Tenma was not bothered since he was now okay. Later that night, Konoe and Tenma said goodbye to everyone at the airport.[31] Some days later, Konoe was helping Tenma prepare for Momonozono's new branch in San Francisco. He wondered if the weather would be good, though Tenma replied "It's only natural that both rainy days and sunny days exist."[32]

Physical appearance[]

Konoe was short and of a thin build, which made him the target of several bullies during his early childhood. His hair was long enough to cover his ears and was well kept. He had an oval-shaped face with a straight, thin nose and almond-shaped eyes. His eyes occasionally had a glassy look to them whenever he was thinking over his obsession. After he reformed himself, he had a softer look and vibe around him. He later became "fit and healthy" while living in Los Angeles.

Personality and traits[]

"I don't care about the rivalry between Momonozono and Eitoku. Stupid wench. There's only one thing I care about--making him victorious."
—Konoe's previous obsession with Tenma[src]

As a child he was sickly and short, making him a target for bullies. When Tenma saved him, Konoe began focusing obsessively on repaying him. He became Tenma's vice president and was extremely strict with the other members. All of his actions were to help Tenma's image from the Eitoku hunts to forcing Honda to quit the council. Once Tenma learned what Konoe had been doing, he realized that his actions were wrong. Konoe later decided to reform himself into a good person. He became much more open and happy, and remained a loyal friend to Tenma.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes



Riku Kashima as Konoe

  • Riku Kashima portrays Konoe in Hana Nochi Hare (2018).[33] His given name uses the same kanji but is read as "Jin". Being a minor antagonist, he is shown early on to establish his presence in the drama. Like in the manga, he perpetrates the attacks on Eitoku for Tenma. Konoe is later remorseful about his actions.



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