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Hiruta (蛭田 (ひるた) ) was a student at Eitoku Academy. He had a crush on Tsukushi Makino, whom he confessed to via a letter. Hiruta likely never received an answer to his letter due to Tsukushi departing on a cruise with Tsukasa Domyoji.


Hiruta attended Eitoku Academy, possibly indicating that he came from a well-off family. Three months after Tsukasa Domyoji stopped going to school, Hiruta put a letter in Tsukushi Makino's locker. In the letter, he confessed his feelings for her. That afternoon, he was walking with his friends when they passed by Tsukushi. He looked down and blushed from embarrassment. Once they had passed her, Hiruta's friends teased him.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Unlike the F4, Hiruta had an overall normal, unassuming appearance. He had short, black hair with dark brown eyes. His facial features were symmetrical and completely ordinary. Hiruta was of an average height and build. He was only shown wearing the typical Eitoku uniform.

Personality and traits[]

In his brief appearance, Hiruta seemed to be a typical high school student. He was shown laughing happily with his friends. Upon catching sight of Tsukushi, Hiruta became bashful since he had just sent her a confession letter earlier that day.

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