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Xiao Zi: "Perhaps it's because I'm an only child. I can be pretty self-centered. Maybe that's why I have few friends."
Shan Cai: "It's okay. I have few friends at school too."
— Xiao Zi confides in Shan Cai[src]

He Yuan Zi (Chinese: 何原滋; pinyin: Hé Yuánzī), also known as Xiao Zi (小滋 Xiǎozī), was the heir of the He Corporation. She was engaged to Dao Ming Si, until they mutually ended it. Xiao Zi was also good friends with Dong Shan Cai.


Early life

He Yuan Zi was born an only child to her mother and father. She was also the sole heir to the wealthy He Corporation.[1]


Engagement to Si

Xiao Zi and Shan Cai becoming friends

"From now on, I will use my status as your fiancee to 'guide' you. I have fallen for you. No matter what, we are getting married. So it's okay to start dating first."
—Xiao Zi takes an interest in Si.[src]

Her parents arranged Xiao Zi's engagement to the Dao Ming family's heir, Si. She first met him at a dinner, when he ran away and grabbed her hand instead of his intended, Dong Shan Cai. They were far away by the time Si realized his mistake. He left Xiao Zi on her own with no shoes, after she jumped on his back and bit his ear. The following day, she visited Si at his school to declare, "I have fallen for you." Her words irritated Si, who had to be held back by Xi Men and Mei Zuo. Shan Cai was then forced to drag Xiao Zi away to avoid further confrontation. The two girls went shopping and became friends.[1]

She and Si began dating seriously shortly later. On their first date, Si acted standoffish and left the cafe with short notice. After she complained to him, Si began treating her a bit nicer, though somewhat unwillingly. Sometime later, Xiao Zi asked Si to kiss her to "prove that [he] no longer loved Shan Cai." After the kiss, they coincidentally ran into Shan Cai and Hua Ze Lei at a cafe. Xiao Zi invited them to her family's villa. At the villa, Si confessed to Xiao Zi that he could not love her. Xiao Zi remained at the villa for several days by herself, before asking her mother to end the engagement. She later visited Shan Cai and they agreed to remain friends.[2]

Supporting Si and Shan Cai

Xiao Zi tries to comfort Si

Si: "I'm sure you know that you and I are only good friends."
Xiao Zi: "I know I'm your friend, while Shan Cai is the girl you love. Let's make a pact: choose me in your next life."
— Xiao Zi and Si remain good friends.[src]

After Si and Shan Cai broke up, Xi Men and Mei Zuo invited Xiao Zi to a get-together to cheer up Si. The party went horribly and ended with Si and Xi Men beating each other up.[3] When Shan Cai returned to Taipei, Xiao Zi went to Ying De to visit her. However, after hearing about the situation, Xiao Zi left to check on Si instead. Si refused to talk at first, but she persisted. In a moment of weakness, she hugged him and said that he still had her. She quickly pulled away, calling it "just a joke".[4]

Xiao Zi later visited Shan Cai at her home, where they took a photo together. She used the photo to advertise for a blind date. None of the candidates turned out well, including a strange guy, who poured water on Shan Cai. Si became suspicious of the guy, who Shan Cai had kept in contact with, and asked Xiao Zi about their meeting. Afterwards, Xiao Zi began investigating him on her own, later recruiting Chen Qing He to help her. She ran into the other guy from the blind date. He informed her that he was hired to attend the date and had not seen Shan Cai's guy since.[5]

Some time later, Si met with Xiao Zi to tell her to "go look for a good man" since he was still in love with Shan Cai. They agreed to remain good friends.[6] Xiao Zi's and Si's parents arranged for them to be married again. At the time, her parents and Feng were investing in a project together. However, neither trusted the other so they arranged their children's marriage for security. Si protested the engagement by fasting, which worried Xiao Zi.[7] She brought Shan Cai to his home in order to convince him to eat. In the end, the marriage was called off.[8]

Physical appearance

He Yuan Zi was a young, good-looking girl. She had short hair, which she often straightened. Xiao Zi occasionally opted for a wavy hairstyle. Shan Cai described her as "fashionable", because of Xiao Zi's tendency to wear modern, trendy clothing. She was also tall and thin.

Personality and traits

Xiao Zi was normally sweet, strong, and happy-go-lucky. However, she also had a careless and somewhat selfish side due to her being an only child. She herself admitted that she could be self-centered. Her intense personality made it difficult for her to make friends. Acquaintances often viewed her as rude or annoying. In contrast, her friends found her hard not to like.

Behind the scenes

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Character notes

  • She is typically referred to by her nickname, Xiao Zi. In Chinese, "Xiao" (小) literally means "small" or "little" and is also a prefix used in nicknames.[11]



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