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"I wanted to see what my son would do when he was replaced and kicked out of the house. I was testing him."

Kaguragi (神楽木 (かぐらぎ) ) was the father of Haruto Kaguragi and the president of Kaguragi Enterprises. He was usually busy working, so he did not see his son often. Throughout Haruto's life, he was constantly "testing" his son. The latest test was disowning him and replacing him with Kei Windsor.


Haruto's childhood[]

Kaguragi and his wife were always busy, so they often left their son Haruto Kaguragi on his own. They would bring home puzzles to "keep [him] occupied." Haruto later called their parenting "negligence", but acknowledged that they had to "sacrifice being a happy family" to maintain their lifestyle.[1] Starting when Haruto was a child, Kaguragi would issue "tests" for him. For one, he ordered Kobayashi to leave Haruto in the mountains. He was unable to find his own way back. Once he was found, Kaguragi told him "You failed."[2]

Haruto in high school[]

Despite not seeing Haruto often, he evidently kept a close eye on his son and his goings-on at Eitoku Academy. He was disappointed when he became "chummy" with his rival from Momonozono Academy. Kaguragi decided to disown Haruto, opting to adopt a new heir, Kei Windsor.[3] In actuality, he had set up Kei as another "test." Kaguragi had previously had Kei investigated, learning about his grudge on himself and his son. He was impressed that Kei had used it "as motivation to better [himself]." Kei later caused a large data breach at one of Kaguragi Enterprises' affiliates. However, Kaguragi had planted the information so the breach only caused "a stir in the news." After revealing this to Kei, he offered him a job once he graduated but he turned it down.[4][5]

Despite Kei turning down his initial offer, he later set up an affiliate company of Kaguragi Enterprises to compete with Haruto.[6] The following winter, Kaguragi video called Haruto to talk to him about preparing to enter the business world after graduation. His son answered "Got it. I'll try my best." He stared at Haruto for some time, surprised since his son used to always run away from his responsibilities.[7]

Physical appearance[]


A younger Kaguragi

When he was younger, Kaguragi had jet black hair which was simply styled. He a fresh face with oval-shaped eyes and a pointed nose. Ten years later, his appearance was about the same. His hair was lighter and he had a few wrinkles.

Personality and traits[]

Kaguragi was a thorough, accomplished businessman who operated a large-scale conglomerate. He expected a lot from his son and often came off as callous in the way he treated him. Beginning when Haruto was a child, Kaguragi would issue him "tests" to see if he was worthy to be his heir. He attempted to spur on Haruto by naming Kei as his new heir.

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