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"When I was young, I was so poor I used to earn money by giving blood at the hospital. Then I started fainting and I was hospitalized. Ha-ha-ha."
—Haruo Makino[src]

Haruo Makino (牧野 晴男 (まきの はるお) Makino Haruo) was the husband of Chieko, and the father of Tsukushi and Susumu Makino. He was an unambitious man and never rose above clerk in his company. After Haruo was laid-off from his company job, the Makinos' experienced several economic hardships. The family always banded together during these times.


Early life[]

At a young age, Haruo often earned money by selling his blood at the hospital. He eventually fainted and was hospitalized from giving too much blood.[6]

Adult life[]

Haruo married Chieko and honeymooned in Atami.[7] They had two children, Tsukushi and Susumu. When Tsukushi was little, Haruo asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer was to be a princess which Chieko scoffed at, saying "Not on your father's salary!"[8]

Tsukushi's prospects[]


Haruo celebrates Tsukushi spending the night with Tsukasa

Haruo: "Domyoji?"
Chieko: "You mean the Domyoji of Domyoji Corp?"
Haruo: "So glad to meet you!! Welcome to our home!!"
Chieko: "Forgive us for this terrible mess!!"
— Haruo and Chieko are impressed by Tsukasa's wealth[src]

Haruo's wife forced their daughter to enroll at the affluent Eitoku Academy, despite Tsukushi's protests that she wanted to attend a normal high school. Chieko wanted her daughter to be successful, unlike Haruo, who she said "[was] slow to get promoted."[9] During her second year, Tsukushi began worrying her family as she was acting strangely at breakfast, such as eating several helpings and shouting at odd moments.[10] One day, Tsukushi became sick and was visited by Tsukasa Domyoji, heir to Domyoji Group. Her parents promptly invited him to dinner.[11] A few days later, Haruo and his wife tagged along on Tsukushi's and Kazuya Aoike's trip to Atami. When Tsukasa suddenly showed up, her parents urged Tsukushi to go to his party, hoping that their interaction would someday lead to marriage.[7]

The next morning at the beach, Chieko was dragging Tsukushi towards Tsukasa, when Kazuya informed them about Tsukasa kissing her. Her parents were happy, believing she was making progress.[12] In the fall, Tsukushi came home from school with her hair and clothing askew. She told them she had fell, so Haruo tried to lighten the mood by showing her "how to fall properly." Tsukushi began to cry when pressed for details. Her family tried to comfort her.[13] A few weeks later, Tsukushi spent the night at Tsukasa's house. When she came home the next day, her parents were in the midst of celebrating.[14] The next afternoon, Tsukasa sent a load of furniture to their apartment which Tsukushi made him take back.[15] Tsukasa later asked her parents if he could take her on a trip. They readily agreed.[16]

When Tsukushi returned home, Haruo and Chieko went to meet her in excitement. They asked her several questions about her trip and speculated about her marrying him in the future. Tsukushi told them "That's not gonna happen in this lifetime."[17] A few days later, Haruo noticed Tsukushi was getting dressed up. She then told her parents that she was going on a date with Rui Hanazawa. They were excited, thinking "She'll be marrying into a fortune no matter who she picks!"[18] Sometime later, his wife complained about their bank account being "overdrawn again" and laid the blame on Haruo for not getting a bonus. He mumbled something about the economy, which she ignored and continued complaining.[19] A couple days later, Tsukushi surprised her family by suddenly shouting "Fine!" before leaving the apartment.[20]

Hard times[]


Haruo feels positive about finding a new job

Susumu: "What do we do if Tsukushi gets an offer from a talent scout?"
Chieko: "That's right! I had the same thought!"
Haruo: "Well, I... I'll just be happy if Tsukushi's relationship with Tsukasa goes well."
— Tsukushi's family after Teen of Japan[src]

Haruo was fired from his job when the company restructured. He was hit pretty hard by the blow, bursting into tears when his wife told their daughter. Chieko called him an "idiot" for crying though she then started to herself. The family was forced to move out of their apartment into a smaller place.[5] The following day, he and his wife were on good terms again. He felt hopeful, declaring "I'll do my best for everyone's sake!" Chieko then helped him prepar for the employment office.[21] He sold his blood for money the next day. His family were touched for a second by his actions. However, they called him an "idiot" since it was not a viable way of support.[22] A few days later, Tsukasa visited their home. Chieko and Haruo set out bedding for him and Tsukushi in the bedroom, while they slept in the kitchen with Susumu.[23]

A couple days later, the Makino family woke up to find themselves on television. Tsukushi had drawn national attention after Tsukasa and Seinosuke Amakusa fought over her.[24] That night, the loanshark, whom Haruo had borrowed one million yen from, visited their home. He was unable to pay, having lost it at the race track. Chieko asked for a divorce, finding their situation hopeless. Tsukushi left, promising to handle it.[25] She returned with the money, causing Haruo to cry out of happiness.[26] For two weeks, Tsukushi stayed at the Domyojis'. The family found out why when they saw her on television at Teen of Japan.[27] That night, the family cheered when Tsukushi came home. Susumu and Chieko speculated on her getting scouted, but Haruo only hoped her relationship with Tsukasa would go well.[28]

On Christmas night, Tsukushi came home with a child. She asked Haruo to give the child the only strawberry on the cake, which he reluctantly did.[29] The following day, Haruo had obtained a job though the pay was not that great. The family celebrated and encouraged Tsukushi to go the trip with the F4 to Canada.[30] After New Years', Haruo and Chieko saw Tsukushi crying. They theorized that it was about Tsukasa. Tsukushi heard them and became angry, yelling "Don't talk about that jerk!"[31] Sometime later, Tsukushi and Tsukasa were found unconscious. She was brought to the hospital, where her parents waited for her to wake up.[32] After she was released from the hospital, she shouted at her mother while she was cutting her hair. Chieko cried, leading Haruo to say "Don't be rude to your mother!"[33]

Leaving Tokyo[]


Haruo and Chieko happy thinking Tsukushi and Tsukasa are dating

"Tsukushi, you must have faith in me. A fisherman's life is wild and filled with adventure. It's a treacherous life ruled by the sea and weather. Besides, I always watch "Crazy for Fishing" on TV."
—Haruo is confident about being a fisherman[src]

Several days later, Haruo was helping Chieko with her part-time job when he opened the front door to find Tsukasa's mother Kaede Domyoji and her secretary. He and his wife woke up Tsukushi and hurriedly got dressed up. Haruo was so nervous that he accidentally introduced himself as Tsukushi's mother. Kaede asked Tsukushi "to give up Tsukasa" and presented fifty million yen in exchange. Chieko rejected the offer.[34] Once Kaede left, Chieko told Tsukushi that she had to marry Tsukasa somehow, adding "We're planning to live a long time, your dad and me!"[35] A few days later, Susumu learned that Haruo had been fired again. He, however, did not seem bothered by it, while Susumu was upset about not having enough money for his school trip. Tsukushi assured Susumu that they would pay for it through her wages.[36]

Chieko had a friend from a fishing village, who offered them a live-in job. Haruo was particularly excited about becoming a fisherman, declaring "A fisherman's life is wild and filled with adventure." They took the offer without informing Tsukushi since they did not want to worry her. Haruo and Chieko decided to leave her behind so she could continue attending Eitoku.[4] Once they finished packing, they bid adieu to Tsukushi. Haruo was optimistic about the future, saying "Leave it to me! I'll send you 500,000 yen a month."[37] Despite his enthusiasm, he was struck with sea sickness immediately upon arriving. Haruo threw up anytime he went outside and was thus unable to fish. He had not earned any money, forcing his wife to send Tsukushi a care package of seaweed and asking her to "make do somehow."[38]

After living for some time there, Tsukushi surprised them with a visit. Haruo and Chieko told her a bit of their situation, such as them being considered "freeloaders" since Haruo was unable to fish. They cried for joy when they found a necklace given to Tsukushi by Tsukasa.[39] After her arrival, the family was treated better by the villagers, whom thought Tsukushi was engaged to Tsukasa. They now acted much more carefree.[40] A few days later, he and his wife were confronted by their landlady. A mob of villagers gathered around when Tsukushi came home.[41] Their landlady demanded for them to bring Tsukasa there to pay off their debts. Once alone, they told Tsukushi to call Tsukasa. She admitted that they broke up and that the family had nowhere to go since their apartment's floor had fallen through.[42]

Return to Tokyo[]


Haruo shocks Tsukushi by wearing make-up

Tsukushi: "I hope you can find a good job."
Haruo: "Mm... The economy is so bad. To think there are people who still own condos like this even after the bulb burst."
Tsukushi: "Listen, the word is "bubble"."
— Haruo hopes to find a job after returning to Tokyo[src]

The next day, Tsukasa suddenly showed up and paid off the Makinos' debts. The villagers then attempted to convince them to stay.[43] By the following morning, they had decided to leave. Haruo and Chieko thanked Tsukasa. They were embarrassed about their assumptions. Haruo said "That child never tells us anything, you see." Tsukasa then admitted that he loved Tsukushi but the circumstances did not work out. Haruo and Chieko rode back to Tokyo in Rui's car after packing.[44] In Tokyo, they were brought to a condo owned by Shigeru. She offered to lend them the place, which they accepted since they had nowhere else to go.[45] In the morning, Haruo and Chieko set up a table in the kitchen, being uncomfortable with how big the place was. Haruo decided to go to the employment office later.[46]

Tsukushi disappeared for two days, but her parents seemed unconcerned. Haruo answered the door when she returned home with a guest whom he mistook for Tsukasa. At the time, he was also trying on make-up and jewelry after seeing a help wanted ad from a gay bar. Haruo quickly invited him in and removed his make-up.[47] In a few minutes, he answered the door again to find Tsukushi's friends and the real Tsukasa. Haruo shouted his arrival to Chieko.[48] A few days later, Tsukushi seemed out-of-sorts and Haruo wondered if she had an upset stomach.[49] The next day, Tsukasa called the Makinos'. Haruo informed him that Tsukushi was not home. He and his wife then cheered.[50] When Tsukushi returned home, her parents rushed to inform her of Tsukasa's calls. She barely responded and talked to herself.[51]

Living separately[]


Haruo and Chieko starry-eyed about Tsukushi and Tsukasa

Haruo: "Well, it's just that. Remember how we got too excited at that fishing village, and caused you so much trouble, Tsukushi?"
Chieko: "And so we talked it over and decided we'd make sure it wouldn't happen again."
Haruo: "That's right. We'd just act normal."
— Haruo and Chieko tone down their excitement[src]

The next day, Chieko was balancing their check book and complaining about being poor. Haruo became sheepish when she yelled at him to find a job. Tsukushi took over, finding several ways to cut back on their spending which included Haruo's pachinko funds.[52] Two days later, Haruo got a job as live-in help for a supermarket. They found a separate apartment for Tsukushi and Susumu since their new place was too small.[3] Susumu often came to visit and spend the night.[53] Several days later, Haruo and Chieko were taking the inventory for the supermarket chain that they worked for when they happened to run into Tsukushi with Tsukasa. They embarrassed Tsukushi by becoming teary-eyed and cheering that they were dating again.[54] He and Chieko brought the couple back to their place and insisted they spend the night.[55]

Sometime later, Tsukasa held a press conference announcing that he was going to America and his intention to return to Tsukushi in four years. Tsukushi and Susumu's apartment was surrounded and they came to stay with their parents. Haruo and his wife tried to downplay their happiness, remembering previous experiences.[56] A few days later, Haruo and Chieko had been fired from their job. They were going to have to move again and would no longer be able to pay her tuition.[57] Two days later, the family packed up both apartments. Their rented pick-up became stuck in the gutter, but the family was able to push it free as Haruo put on the gas.[2] After Tsukushi left for prom, Susumu promised to get a job and that they should let Tsukushi continue at Eitoku. Haruo and Chieko realized that both of their children turned out well.[58]

Tsukushi's final year and beyond[]

During Tsukushi's final year at Eitoku, Rui began visiting the family at their new apartment. He became friendly with Haruo playing card games together. Tsukushi was ultimately able to graduate from Eitoku and even moved on to Eitoku University due to Tsukasa paying her tuition.[59] Unfortunately, Tsukushi still had to work hard to pay her and the family's expenses due to Haruo still being out of work.[60]

Physical appearance[]

Haruo was a middle-aged, slightly pudgy man. He had short, brown hair, which he kept away from his face possibly with gel or mousse. Haruo was always seen wearing his glasses. His standard outfit was a short-sleeve button-down shirt or a polo, paired with a simple pair of pants.

Personality and traits[]

A comical person, Haruo was often cracking jokes that only he laughed at. His family would often ignore his jokes or his wife would criticize him for saying them at the wrong moment. He was not particularly ambitious or talented as he never rose above clerk at his office job. After being fired, he had a hard time obtaining or maintaining jobs. However, despite his family's hardships, Haruo generally remained a happy-go-lucky, positive person.


His first name is never revealed in the manga and he is instead listed as "Papa" (パパ) in Hana Yori Dango FF. Since his counterpart in the Japanese drama is named Haruo, his first name has been accepted to be the same. Haruo (晴男; はるお) is a male name with several kanji variations. The kanji is his name can mean "clear up" (晴)[62] and "man" (男).[63] His surname, Makino (牧野; まきの), contains two kanji that can mean either "pasture" or "ranch" together.[64] The characters mean "to herd" (牧)[65] or "plains," "field" (野) when separated.[66]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes


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Haruo in the anime


Keigo Yoshino as Haruo



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