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Hanazawa Company (花沢物産 (はなざわぶっさん) Hanazawa Bussan), or Hanazawa & Co.,[1] is a corporation owned and operated by the Hanazawa family. Rui Hanazawa, the only son of his father, is set to inherit the company.[2] The company owns a vineyard in Tuscany and had plans to tear it down to build a resort.[3] Rui ultimately decided to keep them, despite the vineyards not expecting to yield a crop for ten years.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the English subtitles for the anime, it is called "Hanazawa Trading."
  • In Meteor Garden (2001), the company's name is Hua Ze Property Insurance Group (花澤產物保險集團), or shortened to Hua Ze Group (花澤集團). Feng (Kaede) discusses the company's financial difficulties with Lei (Rui) in episode eleven. In episode sixteen, Lei leaves Taiwan and heads to Japan to help his father with the company.