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Hana Yori Dango, Hana Nochi Hare - Manga App for Free Read of Yoko Kamio Works Every Day (花より男子・花のち晴れ~神尾葉子作品が毎日無料で読めるマンガアプリ~), often shortened to Hana Yori Dango (花より男子 () ), is a free app. It was launched by Shueisha on July 3, 2016 to commemorate Yoko Kamio's debut.[1]

The app allows users to read several of Kamio's works for free, including Boys Over Flowers and its sequel, Boys Over Flowers Season 2.


  • Yoko Kamio's series: six of Yoko Kamio's works including Boys Over Flowers, Cat Street, Matsuri Special, Tora to Okami, Crown of Thorns, and Boys Over Flowers Season 2 are available to read for free. A new chapter becomes available once a day and the user is given a time limit of seven days to read it. Boys Over Flowers, Cat Street, and Matsuri Special are also available in color.
  • Cafe de Hanadan: a spin-off manga of Boys Over Flowers. The first chapter was published in the app on December 1, 2016.[2] It is published irregularly.[3]
  • Wallpapers: the app regularly releases new phone backgrounds and computer wallpapers once a month since its launch. Characters from all of Kamio's series have been featured.
  • Icon: the app's icon can be changed from the default, Tsukasa Domyoji, to any member of the F4, Correct 5, or Tenma Hase
  • Eitoku Academy Fortunetelling (英徳学園占い () Eitoku Gakuen Uranai):[3] fortune predictions featuring images from Boys Over Flowers and Boys Over Flowers Season 2.[4] They are separated into four different categories, Big (大吉 () ), Medium (中吉 () ), Small (小吉 () ), and Bad ( () ). Each gives the user a certain number of coins, which can be used as an in-app currency.


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