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The following is a list of promotional activities for Hana Yori Dango: The Musical. This includes events, interviews, collaborations, etc.



Screenshot of the website

An official Twitter for the musical was opened under the username "hanadan_m" on August 19, 2015.[1] A website and a blog hosted by Ameba was launched on the same day.[2][3] Videos were added to the website consistently until the musical's premiere.[4] Updates were also frequently posted on Twitter and the blog.


Tokyo Game Show[]

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On September 19, 2015, Yuya Matsushita, Jin Shirasu, Ryuji Kamiyama, and Mackenyu Arata made an appearance for a question panel at the Tokyo Game Show, where Voltage had a booth for Hana Yori Dango: F4 and First Kiss.[5] It was also their first time portraying the F4.[6]

Press conference[]


A press conference was held on October 23, 2015. It was also broadcast live on the video sharing platform, Niconico.[7] The press conference was attended by Ririka Kato, Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata, Nami Tamaki, Nao Furuhata, Ryo Kimura, Tomoko Ikuta, and Keigo Yoshino. Director Yumi Suzuki[8] and composer Akimitsu Honma also spoke at the event.[9]

Honma Festival[]

An event titled Honma Festival (本間祭) was held on November 27, 2015 at the NHK Hall to honor Akimitsu Honma's fiftieth birthday. Honma served as the composer for Hana Yori Dango: The Musical.[10] It featured many artists who had connections to Honma, such as Masataka Matsutoya, Ikimonogakari, and Porno Graffitti.[11] Kato, Matsushita, Shirasu, and Kamiyama performed "Let's Fall in Love" with the ensemble members, Kenichiro Teramoto, Dai Iwahashi, Ryotaro Sakaguchi, Akiko Kimura, Asami Ishii, Shiina Ishimaru, and Momoko Otaishi. Kato also performed "Aiming Too High."[12] Honma Festival aired on BS SKY PerfecTV! on December 26.[13]

Chanter Winter Fair[]

On November 28, 2015, Kato, Matsushita, Kamiyama, and Shirasu had a free performance in front of the Hibiya Chanter. It was also viewable for free on an application called Lulu.[14] RiRiKa from Phantasmagoric served as the moderator. Kato performed "Aiming Too High" by herself. Together they all performed "Let's Fall in Love" at the end, during which the ensemble made a surprise appearance.[15] Shirasu and Kamiyama attended the lighting ceremony at the same venue the week before.[16]

Amesta performance[]

On December 21, 2015, a special program was broadcast live on the application Amesta and hosted by FreshStudio.[17] Kamiyama, Kimura, Furuhata, and Tamaki performed on the programs. Matsushita, Kato, and Arata made appearances through a pre-recorded video.[18]

Cast send-offs[]

To celebrate the success of the musical, two cast send-offs were organized for January 19 and 21, 2016. Matsushita, Shirasu, Arata, Kamiyama, and Kato were available for both dates. Kimura and Tamaki were scheduled for January 19 and Furuhata for January 21. Fans were allowed to take photos and shake hands with the cast members.[19]



Date Magazine Interviewees Notes
Aug 20 Margaret Ririka Kato, Yuya Matsushita, Jin Shirasu,
Ryuji Kamiyama, Mackenyu Arata
Oct 27 BEST STAGE [21]
Oct 30 AJ [21]
Nov 5 Musical Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [21]
Margaret Kato [22]
Nov 7 WiNK UP Arata [23]
Nov 15 Monthly Lawson Ticket Kato, Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata
Nov 20 Margaret Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [22]
Dec 7 WiNK UP Shirasu [24]
Dec 8 Fujinkoron Arata [25]
Dec 10 YOUPAPER Stage Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [26]
Dec 12 +act. [25]
Dec 19 BARFOUT! Shirasu [25]
Dec 22 Junon Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [25]
Dec 24 Stage PASH! [27]
Dec 25 anan Matsushita, Shirasu [25]
Dec 26 STAGE SQUARE [25]
Dec 28 with Arata [28]
Dec 29 audition Kato [29]
Theater Guide Kato, Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [30][31]
Jan 5 Musical Kamiyama [32]

Youpaper Stage


Date Publication Interviewees Link
Oct 16 eTheatrix Ririka Kato, Yuya Matsushita, Jin Shirasu,
Ryuji Kamiyama, Mackenyu Arata
Oct 23 Yahoo! Japan [2]
Nov 15 Monthly Lawson Ticket [3]
Dec 9 Deview Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [5]
Dec 16 Enter Stage Kamiyama [6]
Dec 18 Crea Web Shirasu [7]
Dec 22 Enter Stage Arata [8]
Dec 24 Omoshii Matsushita, Suzuki [9]
Deview Kato [11]
Dec 25 Pia [12]
Dec 28 Enter Stage Shirasu [13]
All About Matsushita [14]
Dec 30 Model Press Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [15]
Enter Stage Matsushita [16]
Jan 1 Crea Web Arata [17]
Jan 2 The Television Shirasu [18]
Jan 3 [19]
Crank-In! Arata [20]
Jan 7 The Japan Times Suzuki [21]
Jan 12 OZ Mall Matsushita [22]


Monthly Lawson Ticket



Model Press


Date Show Interviewees Notes
Dec 12 Pi-ticke Plus Tomoko Ikuta [33]
Dec 16 Piko & Hyodo of Pichike-Pachike Ikuta [33]
Dec 17 Saijiki Ikuta [33]
Dec 22 Fondue! Ririka Kato, Yuya Matsushita, Jin Shirasu,
Ryuji Kamiyama, Mackenyu Arata
Dec 25 PON! Matsushita, Shirasu, Kamiyama, Arata [35]


Café Chapeau[]



From January 5 to 24, 2016, there was a collaboration menu at Café Chapeau which was located on the first floor of the Hibiya Chanter. The menu consisted of four marron chantilly deserts inspired by the F4. Each was designed and supervised by the musical's actors, Yuya Matsushita, Jin Shirasu, Mackenyu Arata, and Ryuji Kamiyama.[36] The desserts sold for 1,520 yen each with a drink (coffee, Ceylon tea, or café au lait).[37][38]

  • Yuya Matsushita (Tsukasa): King of Desserts!! Marron Chantilly Overflowing with Dignity (デザートの王様!! 気品あふれるマロンシャテリー () )
  • Jin Shirasu (Rui): Sweet and Sour Strawberry (甘ずっぱいストロベリー () )
  • Mackenyu Arata (Sojiro): Japanese Heart-Pounding Matcha (日本のこころお抹茶 () )
  • Ryuji Kamiyama (Akira): Bittersweet Adult Caramel (ほろ苦い大人のカラメル () )


  • Posters advertising Hana Yori Dango: The Musical were posted around Shibuya, starting from December 2015.[39]


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