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Kim Ji-young (Hangul: 김지영, born September 13, 1980 in Daegu, South Korea), known professionally as Han Chae-young (Hangul: 한채영), is a South Korean actress. She is known for her roles in Autumn in My Heart, Sassy Girl Chun-hyang, Only You, and Bel Ami. In 2009, Han had a guest appearance in Boys Over Flowers as Min Seo-hyun.


Early life[]

Han was born Kim Ji-young[1] on September 13, 1980[2] in Daegu, South Korea. She grew up in a Chicago suburb after her family immigrated to the United States when she was eight.[3][1] Han has an older sister.[4] She trained to be a figure skater from age eight until her freshman year of high school.[5] In 1999, while enrolled at DePaul University, Han was vacationing in South Korea when comedian Jeon Yu-seong spotted her.[6]


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Personal life[]

Han first met businessman Choi Dong-joon in 1998. The two were close friends for eight years before deciding to date. In March 2007, after six months of dating, they announced that were going to be married.[7] Han and Choi were married on June 3, 2007 in Seoul.[8] On August 28, 2013, Han gave birth to a son via caesarean section.[3]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2000 Autumn in My Heart Choi/Yoon Shin-ae
2001 Father and Sons Kang Ja
2002 Affection Yoo Hae-mi
2004 Beijing My Love Jung Yeon-seok
2005 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Sung Chun-hyang
Only You Cha Eun-jae
2006 My Girl Choi Ha-na Episode 16
Fireworks Shin Na-ra
2009 Boys Over Flowers Min Seo-hyun
2010 A Man Called God Jin Bo-bae
2012 Unbeatable Lin Wei Wei
2013 Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek Go Ah-ri
Bel Ami Hong Yoo-ra
2016 Revive Lin Xuan
1931 Love Story Shang Wan Ting
2018 A Pledge to God Seo Ji-young
2022 Sponsor Han Chae-rin
2023 XO, Kitty Dami


Year Title Role Notes
2000 The Record Eun-mi
2002 Bet on My Disco Bong-ja
2003 Wild Card Kang Na-na
2005 The Ceiling A Short film
2007 Changing Partners Han Seo-yeo
2009 Good Morning President Kim Yi-yeon
Girlfriends Jin
2010 The Influence J Web film
2011 A Big Deal Zhou Yun
2016 The Guest Lin Lin
2017 The Star Next Door Hye-mi



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