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Creative Leaders Group 8 Co., Ltd. (Hangul: 크리에이티브리더스그룹에이트) is an entertainment production company based in Seoul, South Korea. Song Byung-joon is the founder and current CEO of Group 8. The company is known for producing Princess Hours, Playful Kiss, Bel Ami among others. Group 8 produced the hit 2009 drama Boys Over Flowers.

History with Boys Over Flowers[]

In February 2008, Group 8 announced that they had obtained the copyright to adapt Yoko Kamio's Boys Over Flowers into a Korean drama of the same name. Kamio and her publisher Shueisha approved the project because of Group 8's successful series, Couple or Trouble and Goong S.[2][3] Boys Over Flowers had some delays, leading to it being pushed to the first half of 2009. Group 8 handled the whole production with their partner, KBS, only being in charge of distribution.[4] Boys Over Flowers premiered on January 5, 2009.[5] It was considered a huge success.[6]



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