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Geum Jan-di (Hangul: 금잔디 ) was the daughter of Geum Il-bong and Na Gong-joo, and sister of Geum Kang-san. She began studying at Shinhwa School as a second-year high school student.


Early life

She was born the elder child of her middle-class parents, Geum Il-bong and Na Gong-joo. Jan-di had a younger brother named Kang-san. Her father operated a dry cleaning business named after her, Jan-di Dry Cleaners.[2] She met her best friend Chu Ga-eul in kindergarten.[3] Jan-di was protective of Ga-eul and saved her from bullies throughout elementary and middle school.[2]

High school

After graduating from middle school, Jan-di had to give up swimming and her hopes of becoming a professional swimmer. She attended a normal high school, which had no swimming pool. During high school, she worked part-time at a restaurant with Ga-eul while also helping out at her father's dry cleaners.[2]

Meeting the F4

In late 2008, Jan-di was delivering a uniform to a student at Shinhwa High School. She found said customer on the roof, threatening to jump in front of a large crowd. Jan-di tried to convince him not to, but he jumped anyway. Thankfully, she caught him in time. It became a nationwide story, resulting in Jan-di being offered a scholarship to Shinhwa. Jan-di wanted to decline, but her parents forced her. At Shinhwa, she learned about the school's bullies F4 whom she hated for using their privilege for bad rather than good. Jan-di soon began feeling like an "outcast," though she eventually made a new friend Oh Min-ji. One day, Min-ji accidentally angered F4's leader Gu Jun-pyo. Jan-di stood up to him when he did not accept Min-ji's apology. She subsequently received a red card in her locker, causing the other students to begin bullying her.[2]

Sometime later, Jan-di was attacked by three students in the locker room of the school's pool. Yoon Ji-hoo intervened, forcing the students to leave her alone. The next day, a rumor about Jan-di being pregnant was spread. She confronted Jun-pyo, kicking him in the face. The following morning, she was kidnapped and unknowingly brought to Jun-pyo's house where she was given a makeover. He made an offer for her to be his girlfriend, which she flat-out refused. Afterwards, she met Ji-hoo who cheered her up. For the school's break, she went on a trip with Ga-eul. She was irritated when Jun-pyo showed up on his yacht. He invited Jan-di to his party which she declined until Ji-hoo encouraged her. Choi Jin-hee and her friends tricked her into coming in costume. Ji-hoo and Min Seo-hyun stepped in to protect her.[4]

Back at the party, Jan-di danced with Ji-hoo. She then went outside and heard Jun-pyo fall in the pool. Jan-di helped him and used mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until she realized he was faking it.[5]

Physical appearance

Jan-di's looks were generally considered average by her peers at Shinhwa. However, as beauty is objective, she was viewed as pretty by a large number of people. She was particularly thought to clean up well, when given a makeover and wore expensive clothes.

Personality and traits


Her full name, Geum Jan-di (금잔디) can translate to "Korean lawngrass" or "Japanese lawngrass," which is a common type of turfgrass.[7] On its own, Geum (금) has a variety of meanings, including "fracture."[8] Jan-di (잔디) means "grass," "sod," or "lawn."[9] Her name references her manga counterpart whose name means "weed."

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