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Geum Il-bong (Hangul: 금일봉) was the husband of Na Gong-joo and father of Jan-di and Kang-san.


Adult life[]

Il-bong married his wife, Na Gong-joo. Together they had two children, Jan-di and Kang-san. When Jan-di was a young child, Il-bong opened up a dry cleaners named after her.[1]

Jan-di at Shinhwa[]

One day, after Jan-di saved a student's life, the family was visited by Jung Sang-rok who presented a scholarship for Shinhwa School to Jan-di. Il-bong, his wife, and son were all excited and were surprised when Jan-di tried to turn it down. They stopped her from saying no again. The next day, Il-bong drove Jan-di to school in their van and dressed in a suit to appear like a chauffeur. Often, after school, he carefully ironed her school uniform.[1]

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Personality and traits[]

Behind the scenes[]

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