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Mika Watanabe (渡辺 美華 (わたなべ みか) Watanabe Mika, born December 13, 1974 in Tokyo, Japan), better known by her stage name Fuko Misaki (岬 風右子 (みさき ふうこ) Misaki Fūko), is a former voice actress and model. She was previously affiliated with Toei Animation. Misaki is the voice of Makiko Endo in Boys Over Flowers.


Early life[]

Misaki was born on December 13, 1974 in Tokyo, Japan.[1]


In 1993, Misaki appeared in a winter ad campaign for TBS as their "Snow Angel." As a part of the campaign, she appeared on the cover of the seinen manga magazine Young Animal.[1][2] The following year, she appeared in the television drama, Ari yo Saraba, as a student named Miyuki Yokogawa.[3] Misaki made her voice acting debut in 1996 as Makiko Endo in Boys Over Flowers. She went on to voice various characters in the Ojamajo Doremi franchise, including Kayoko Nagato. Her final credited appearance was in Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho (2004).[4]



Year Title Role Notes
1996 Boys Over Flowers Makiko Endo
1997 Hana Yori Dango: The Movie
1999 Ojamajo Doremi Karen Mirino
2001 Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi Kayoko Nagato
2002 Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan!
2003 Ashita no Nadja Mary Anne Hamilton
2004 Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho Joyu

Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1994 Ari yo Saraba Miyuki Yokogawa



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