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"You come from a poor family. You live in hardship and that boy so close to you... Stay with him and you'll meet catastrophe! To find happiness you must cut all ties with him."
—Fortuneteller's prediction for Tsukushi[src]

This individual was a supposed fortuneteller (占い師 (うらないし) uranaishi) whom Tsukushi Makino met on two occasions. She made a prediction to Tsukushi whom thought she was speaking of Tsukasa Domyoji. In reality, the woman was not a fortuneteller but likely had a brain disorder like dementia.


Old age

One day, at Meiji Shrine, she met Tsukushi Makino with a friend. She singled out Tsukushi to give her a fortune, telling her that a boy close to her will bring "catastrophe." The woman then advised her to find someone younger to date. Afterwards, she met a long-haired man and informed him "You will grow into a beautiful woman." He yelled that he was a man.[2] Some days later, after escaping the hospital, the woman was sitting down outside a building with a sign. Tsukushi and Junpei Oribe approached her. She asked the old woman if she remembered her, to which she replied with another fortune. Shortly, her daughter ran up to the woman. She told her "Tomorrow you shall die." The daughter and another family member then dragged her away, saying "She thinks she's a fortuneteller!"[1]

Physical appearance

An old woman, she was likely in her seventies or eighties. Her face was thin and lined with wrinkles. She had grey hair, which was pulled into a tight bun. Occasionally, some of her hair came loose from the bun. She always wore kimono, usually with a flower pattern.

Personality and traits

Judging from her behavior, the woman likely had some sort of brain disorder common with older people, such as dementia. For example, she did not seem to recognize her own daughter. After escaping the hospital she was being treated at, she went around acting like a fortuneteller. Her predictions were usually dire.

Behind the scenes

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