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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the Thai drama, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. After a delay, it was released in mid-July 2022 to those who pre-ordered it and on July 24 for the general public. The album contains eight songs, including the series' theme song "Who am I."


A total of eight original songs were produced for F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. The first, "Who am I," which also served as the series' theme song, was released on December 16, 2021.[2] It was closely followed by "Shooting Star" on December 27. Both songs feature the vocals of Vachirawit Chivaaree, Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, Jirawat Sutivanichsak, and Hirunkit Changkham.[3] The actors each had their own individual songs. Sutivanichsak's "In the Wind" was released on January 10, 2022,[4] followed by Chivaaree's "Nighttime" on February 26,[5] Changkham's "Best Life on March 5,[6] and Opas-iamkajorn's "Silhouette" on March 12.[7]

Also featured on the soundtrack are Gawin Caskey's "You Mean the World," initially released on January 24, 2022,[8] and Violette Wautier's "One Last Cry," first released on February 5.[9] Following "Silhouette," GMMTV announced the physical release of the series' soundtrack. The box set contains a number of bonus items, including a thumb drive, a karaoke disc, a lyric and photo book, photocards, post cards, and one transparent card.[10] Those who preordered the soundtrack received it in early to mid-July.[11] All eight songs on the soundtrack were performed at Shooting Star Concert.


No. TitleWriter(s)Artists Length
1. "Who am I"  Achariya DulyapaiboonBright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat, Nani Hirunkit 4:05
2. "Shooting Star"  Amornsuda KanchanapeeBright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat, Nani Hirunkit 3:47
3. "One Last Cry"  Achariya DulyapaiboonViolette Wautier 3:36
4. "Silhouette" (แสงที่ปลายฟ้า)Jirawat Tantranon, Sotinan ChailangkarnWin Metawin 4:16
5. "Nighttime"  Achariya DulyapaiboonBright Vachirawit 3:33
6. "You Mean the World" (โลกของฉันที่มีเธอ)3rd Tilly Birds, Chamil Arin, BABEPOOMGawin Caskey 3:53
7. "In the Wind"  Tabeazy, Okomo PDew Jirawat 3:24
8. "Best Life"  TabeazyNani Hirunkit 3:12

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