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"We spend an enormous amount of time and money in order to become perfect women to marry perfect men someday."
—Erika Ayuhara[src]

Erika Ayuhara (鮎原 えりか (あゆはら えりか) Ayuhara Erika) was a student at Eitoku Academy and a member of the Lilies. Her best friends were Yuriko Asai and Minako Yamano. The trio were constantly harassing and bullying Tsukushi Makino. They occasionally tried to suck up to her, such as when they thought she was dating Tsukasa Domyoji.


High school[]

She entered Eitoku Academy, where she was in the same homeroom as Yuriko Asai and Minako Yamano, her best friends. Tsukushi Makino was also in their class.[1]

Bullying Tsukushi[]


The girls reveal Tsukushi's and Kazuya's location

Yuriko: "I knew it! What a little hick!"
Erika: "She took advantage of the chaos to attack him!"
Minako: "What a creep!"
— The girls' reaction to hearing Tsukushi kissed Tsukasa[src]

The girls became envious of Tsukushi, when she began drawing the attention of the F4. They wrote mean rumors about Tsukushi being a delinquent and having a child on the classroom's blackboard. Making sure she saw them, Erika and her friends wiped off the messages. The girls then pretended to like her and asked her to a "jeans party" in Roppongi.[1] There the girls embarrassed Tsukushi about her clothes. She caught on that they had written the rumors and revealed their true intentions as gold diggers to the whole party. The girls were thoroughly embarrassed by the time she poured a drink on Yuriko's head. The next day, they confronted Tsukushi at school and informed her about Rui Hanazawa's love Shizuka Todo. The trio berated her until Tsukasa Domyoji forced them to leave her alone.[2]

A couple days later, Tsukushi was being bullied again after her friend Kazuya Aoike received a red card. The trio found the pair hiding behind a bush. Erika was the first to sound off the alarm about their location. A mob then proceeded to chase the two.[3] The girls and several other Eitoku students accompanied the F4 on Tsukasa's yacht to Atami. There they were annoyed to find Tsukushi. Yuriko then tried to convince Shizuka Todo not to invite Tsukushi to that night's party. She was invited nonetheless, much to the girls' irritation when they saw her there in a designer dress.[4] The next day, they learned that Tsukushi had kissed Tsukasa the night before. Erika accusingly said "She took advantage of the chaos to attack him!" That night, they joined the others when Tsukasa started a squid cookout on deck.[5]

Fall term[]


Erika and Yuriko hold Makiko while Tsukushi is being hurt

Yuriko: "Calling you "Makino" is much too formal. We're classmates after all."
Erika: "I know! Your name is Tsukushi so can we call you Tsuki?"
Minako: "That's cute! Tsuki is perfect! Right, Tsuki?"
— Erika and her friends pretend to like Tsukushi[src]

That fall, Erika and the others overheard Tsukasa saying Tsukushi was pursuing him. She and Minako were particularly angry. On the other hand, Yuriko calmly reminded them of the video they had taken of Tsukushi and Rui over vacation. Later that afternoon, the girls showed the video to Tsukasa. He broke Erika's camcorder, which distressed her. Tsukasa then slapped Yuriko when she approached him. The girls promptly ran to her side to make sure she was okay.[6] A few days later, the girls had heard about Shizuka renouncing her family name. While discussing the topic, all three expressed their surprised by her decision.[7] After Rui left for France, Yuriko called Tsukushi "pathetic." Erika added "At least she knows how far beneath him she is." They all then laughed until Tsukasa entered the room and spoke to Tsukushi.[8]

Some days later, a notice about Tsukushi and Tsukasa dated was posted on the school's bulletin board. The girls immediately started acting nice to Tsukushi. Erika gave her the nickname "Tsuki." The girls later found Tsukushi talking to Sakurako Sanjo, whom Erika recognized as a new student that the boys called "cute." Annoyed, they overly complimented Tsukushi before dragging her to go clubbing with them.[9] The next day, they informed Tsukushi that they had seen Sakurako at a night club before. Erika commented "She acts so innocent in school." Tsukushi did not believe them and ran off after saying "She's not like that!"[10] Later, they continued being nice to Tsukushi until a photo of her and a foreigner was spread around school. The girls started to bully her again.[11]

The following day, a school-wide attack was launched on Tsukushi. Erika cheered on the sidelines with her friends, shouting things like "Let her have it!" She and Yuriko then held Makiko Endo back, when she tried to interfere after the others had tied Tsukushi to a car.[12] The next day, the girls watched Tsukasa punish the male students who hurt Tsukushi the previous day.[13] Later the same day, Erika had their classmates gather around her to show them a yearbook which Yuriko had brought. In it was an old photo of Sakurako, revealing her face before plastic surgery. The revelation quickly spread around school. The next day, the three girls made fun of Sakurako. Tsukushi confronted the girls, defending Sakurako for "buying beauty." The girls ran off when Tsukushi threatened to have the punished.[14]

Canada trip[]


Erika and the others at the basketball match

Minako: "How'd that hog wind up with that job?"
Erika: "She probably used a dirty tactic to get her way into it. I wouldn't put it past her."
— Erika and Minako about Tsukushi being on a magazine cover[src]

When Rui was kicked out of the F4, Yuriko confronted Tsukushi for "deceiving" him and thus being the reason behind everything. Rui told her "That's none of your business."[15] Tsukasa then announced to everyone that he would have Tsukushi and Rui expelled. Erika, Minako, and Yuriko were all excited. The next day, the girls heard about Tsubaki Domyoji being in the school. Admirers of her, they were annoyed when Tsukushi asked "How do you all know her?" They then talked about how much of a "legend" Tsubaki was at Eitoku. She herself came up seconds later and took Tsukushi with her, leaving the girls bewildered.[16] A basketball match was held to determine whether Tsukushi and Rui would be expelled. Erika and her friends cheered for Tsukasa's team, though he ended up calling it off at the last second.[17]

A few days later, the girls learned about Tsukasa's promise to lend Tsukushi money if she came to Canada to get him. They promptly booked the same flight. Once they landed, the girls lied by saying Tsukushi had invited them which allowed them to barge their way into Tsukasa's villa. Later, everyone went out snowboarding. Erika saw Tsukushi and Tsukasa chatting, which she pointed out to Yuriko. That night, Yuriko lied to Tsukushi by claiming she saw her friend go outside.[18] After Tsukushi became lost in the blizzard, Tsukasa went after her and returned with her in the morning. He threw the contents of a flower vase at the girls, yelling at them to leave. Tsukushi told him "It's okay" and the girls all started bawling. Sakurako then put the girls to work by forcing them to make breakfast for Tsukushi and Tsukasa.[19]

Sometime after returning, Erika sarcastically told Tsukushi "We really regret what happened in Canada." Erika then suggested she thank them since their trick allowed her to "[get] up close and personal with Domyoji." When Tsukushi tried to pass them, Yuriko tripped her which caused her to fall. As the girls laughed, books fell down upon them. The culprit apologized and they left.[20] A couple days later, the girls bought a copy of Treasures which had Tsukushi on the cover with a popular model. Erika speculated that she "used a dirty tactic" to get on the cover, adding "I wouldn't put it past her." They later saw the same model at school with Tsukushi.[21] Later, the girls heard that Tsukushi's second red card was not actually from the F4. They then saw Tsukushi with a new haircut, which caused them to burst into laughter.[22]

Tsukasa's fiancée[]


The girls cheer at Tsukasa's wedding

Yuriko: "For an instant, Domyoji took an interest in a pauper like you. Be thankful you got that much."
Erika: "You've dreamed a sweet dream. Wake up and go back to your pauper's life."
— Erika and her friends bully Tsukushi again[src]

Several weeks later, Tsukasa's fiancée Shigeru Okawahara transferred to Eitoku. Erika mentioned that she saw the two of them in the cafeteria, commenting "I'm so jealous." Yuriko though of an idea to "get back at Tsukushi." They cornered Tsukushi with the intention of saying mean things to her. Erika, in particular, said "You've dreamed a sweet dream. Wake up and go back to your pauper's life." She was going to stand up to them, when Shigeru interrupted. They were surprised to learn she and Tsukushi were friends. Shigeru threatened to have them expelled if they bullied Tsukushi again. The girls then ran off.[23] Later, they read about the exchange student program. They noticed Tsukushi taking an interest in it, but were too frightened to say anything mean. Erika and her friends all decided to take the exam for it.[24]

When the girls saw that Tsukushi passed, Erika exclaimed "I don't believe it!" Yuriko speculated that she cheated. Kazuya took up for Tsukushi, but Sakurako stopped him saying "You'll catch their rottenness." The girls stopped talking once the F4 walked up.[25] The next day, Tsukushi passed by the girls. They all said "If it isn't our special exchange student." She then shocked them all by revealing "I gave that up."[26] Soon, Tsukasa and Shigeru were pulled out of school. Erika and her friends had grown tired of targeting Tsukushi and moved on to a new "commoner." Later, Yuriko revealed to Erika and Minako that Tsukasa and Shigeru were getting married. Erika was surprised saying "Is that legal?" They joined the rest of the school in saying goodbye to the couple at the pier and were surprised to see Tsukushi scale the cruise ship.[27]

Physical appearance[]

Her looks were similar to those of Tsukushi, including her round face and large eyes. Her eyes were also light blue. Erika was a few inches shorter than both her friends. She had short, curly brown hair which she always wore down. Erika wore name-brand clothes like her friends.

Personality and traits[]

Erika was a greedy person who believed money was the most important. Her goal was to one day marry a wealthy man. She also valued looks over personality. Erika and her friends cruelly bullied Tsukushi, whom they hated because she was close to the F4.


Her given name, Erika (えりか), is a popular female name in Japan.[28] It has a variety of spellings with kanji, but Erika uses hiragana instead.[29] Ayuhara (鮎原; あゆはら) is made up of two kanji. The first kanji means "freshwater trout"[30] and the second "field," "plain".[31]

Behind the scenes[]

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Erika (right) in the film

  • In Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997), Erika is voiced by Kajikawa.[33] She and her friends are dancers living in New York City since the film is set in an alternate universe. Erika's personality remains the same in it.



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