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Erika: "We spend an enormous amount of time and money making ourselves into perfect women."
Minako: "Someday we'll marry perfect men like the F4."
Yuriko: "And they will not be seduced away by the likes of you!"
— The Lilies bullying Tsukushi[src]

Erika Ayuhara (鮎原 えりか (あゆはら えりか) Ayuhara Erika) was a student at Eitoku Academy. She was best friends with Yuriko Asai and Minako Yamano, collectively known as the Lilies. Erika and friends hated Tsukushi Makino, whom they were jealous of. They bullied her on several occasions, though they sometimes pretended to be nice to her.


High school[]

At some point, Erika enrolled at Eitoku Academy. During high school, she was placed in the same class as her best friends Yuriko Asai and Minako Yamano. Tsukushi Makino was also in their class.[1]

Bullying Tsukushi[]


Lilies reveal Tsukushi and Kazuya's location to the bullies

Yuriko: "Can you believe a girl throwing herself like that--at both of you?"
Erika: "We were soooo shocked."
Yuriko and Erika lie to Tsukasa[src]

Some days after Tsukushi received her first red card, the Lilies wrote a nasty rumor on their classroom's blackboard. Tsukushi saw Erika and her friends wipe away the words. They acted friendly and invited her to a party. There they made fun of her and her outfit and revealed what they had done earlier.[1] Their attention was pulled away from her by Kirishima. Erika later made a negative comment about his appearance. Yuriko told her to "accept [men] as they are" so they will buy nice things for her. Having assumed that Tsukushi had left, they were shocked when she later humiliated Yuriko. The next day, the girls got revenge on Tsukushi by telling her about Rui Hanazawa's love, Shizuka Todo. Tsukasa Domyoji showed up and threatened to give them red slips if they did not leave her alone.[2]

A couple days later, Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike was given a red card, inciting a new wave of bullying. Erika and her friends found the two hiding in some bushes and promptly announced their location to the others.[3] The Lilies went with the F4 and some other students to Atami a couple weeks later for summer vacation. Upon arriving on the beach, they were annoyed to see Tsukushi there. The girls were also shocked when Shizuka invited her to that night's party.[4] The next night, it was revealed that Tsukushi had kissed Tsukasa during the party. Erika was annoyed by the news, telling her "Desperation is an ugly thing."[5] That night, Erika and the other students were all invited by Tsukasa to his cookout on deck. She looked very happy at the chance to hang out with F4 some more, even if Tsukushi was there.[6]

The fall term started some days later. Erika and her friends bragged about their trip with the F4, embellishing the details. They later overheard Tsukasa saying Tsukushi liked him, which particularly annoyed Erika. Yuriko then decided to show him a video she had taken of Tsukushi and Rui during the trip. When they did so, Tsukasa broke the camera in anger.[7] Erika gathered the broken remnants of her camera. Yuriko attempted to gain Tsukasa's favor and touched his arm. He slapped her away, causing her to fall to the ground. Erika and Minako promptly ran to her side.[8] A few days later, a picture was posted on the bulletin board, leading the school to believe Tsukushi and Tsukasa were dating. Erika and her friends were civil with her but were unable to fully suck-up to her like their other classmates.[9]

Canada trip[]


Erika and her friends board the plane to Canada

Erika: "God! Can you believe someone so cheap is representing the junior class? It doesn't get any more embarrassing!"
Yuriko: "All it took was for Tsukasa to demand it. I wonder what she did to wheedle him into it?"
— Erika and Yuriko about Tsukushi being in Teen of Japan[src]

Several weeks later, Erika and her friends were annoyed by Tsukushi not knowing about Tsubaki Domyoji. As such, they were shocked when Tsubaki walked right up to Tsukushi, already being acquainted with her.[10] A basketball game was later held to determine whether Tsukushi and Rui would be expelled or not. Erika, Yuriko, Minako, and Sakurako Sanjo were cheerleaders for Tsukasa's side.[11] Neither ended up being expelled, since Tsukasa called off the match at the last second.[12] A few weeks later, the girls were angry that Tsukushi had been chosen to represent the second-year class at Teen of Japan. Erika said "It doesn't get any more embarrassing." Tsukushi overheard them, but only said "Good morning, ladies." Erika then reluctantly admitted "She does look a little more elegant with her hair layered like that..."[13]

The girls attended Teen of Japan together. They badmouthed Tsukushi while sitting in the audience. Erika and Minako thought she would not last long.[14] Yuriko was incensed when Tsukushi passed the first round. Erika tried to calm her down, while Minako assured her that Tsukushi could not possibly pass the knowledge category.[15] During the second round, they cheered when it appeared that Tsukushi was not faring well. She ultimately became a finalist in the contest.[16] Two days later, the girls were talking about the F4 at a café when they overheard Tsukushi and her friend nearby. She talked about borrowing money from Tsukasa and an upcoming trip with the F4 to Canada. They were annoyed by the news. Some days later, the girls booked the same flight to Canada as Tsukushi and the F4.[17]

In Vancouver, Sojiro Nishikado told the girls stop following them. Erika and Yuriko lied by saying "Tsukushi invited us!" They then hit her with their suitcases to stop her from denying it. The next night, Tsukushi was looking for her friend while a blizzard was going on. Yuriko told her that she saw her go outside.[18] Rui confronted the girls an hour later, yelling that Tsukushi could die.[19] They started to bawl after Tsukasa had left to go find her. Erika said "We didn't think this would happen to Tsukasa, too!"[20] When they returned to the house, the girls apologized. Tsukushi said that they could stay, despite Tsukasa wanting to kick them out. Later, they revealed that they were being insincere. Erika even insinuated that Tsukushi was not in any real danger, saying "You played that perfectly, didn't you?"[21]

Continued animosity[]


Erika and Yuriko flee after Tsukushi scares them

Yuriko: "How'd a dog like her ever get that job?"
Erika: "If I know her, she pulled something dirty!"
— Erika and Yuriko angry about Tsukushi's magazine cover[src]

A few days later in January, Erika and her friends saw Tsukushi on the cover of a magazine with the model, Jun. Yuriko wondered how Tsukushi got the job, leading Erika to say "If I know her, she pulled something dirty!"[22] A couple days after Tsukushi received a red card, Yuriko informed Erika that it was not the F4 who sent it. She responded "Whoever did is asking for--" just as Tsukushi passed by with a strange new haircut.[23] Some days later, the girls said mean jokes about Tsukushi. They were a little disappointed that Tsukushi ignored them.[24] Yuriko and Erika later noticed an angry Tsukushi. Erika speculated that she had "snapped" because Tsukasa "got a girlfriend." Tsukushi threatened to stab them with her broken pencil, sending them fleeing in terror.[25]

Several days later, Erika and the others heard about Tsukushi being a live-in maid for Tsukasa and called her "shameless."[26] The following day, Erika and her classmates were informed about Tsukushi and Tsukasa dating. They did not believe it until Tsukasa came to pick her up for lunch. Everyone then yelled in shock after they left the room.[27] Some days later, the girls saw Tsukushi walk by with someone who looked strikingly like Tsukasa.[28] Much later, Erika and the others had seen Tsukushi on television and attempted to approach her at school. They were annoyed at being ignored.[29] A few days later, Erika and Yuriko were upset at Tsukushi sleeping so easily, despite Tsukasa being gone.[30] The three girls later attended Eitoku's prom. Erika was shocked when Tsukushi arrived in casual attire.[31]


A year later, Erika and her two best friends graduated from high school. They moved on to Eitoku University, where they were shocked to see Tsukushi again.[32]

Physical appearance[]

Erika looked very different from her friends, who were much taller and had oval-shaped faces. Her looks were more similar to Tsukushi, whom also had a round face. She had short, curly brown hair. Erika did not style it much, usually choosing just to leave it down. She paid special attention to her appearance to attract men, such as wearing a lot of make-up and dressing in name-brand clothes.

Personality and traits[]

Her innocent looks were deceiving, leading Tsukushi to think Erika was more in her "league" than Yuriko or Minako. Erika's personality was almost exactly the same as theirs. She was extremely materialistic, pursuing men purely for their money. Erika was also vain and refused to date men she thought were ugly. She and her friends became jealous of Tsukushi for catching the attention of the F4, whom they were interested in for their money and status. They often bullied her though they were occasionally civil with her.


Erika (えりか) is a popular female given name in Japan.[34] It has a number of spellings in kanji, but in Erika's case she uses hiragana.[35] Her surname, Ayuhara (鮎原; あゆはら), contains two kanji. It means "freshwater trout" (鮎) and "field, plain" (原). Both kanji utilize the kun'yomi pronunciation.[36][37]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Erika is a minor antagonist and makes her first appearance in chapter five of Boys Over Flowers.
  • She does not appear in the Hana Yori Dango film (1995). Her role is filled by Yuriko and Minako, since Sakurako is changed to be their leader in the movie.


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Erika in the anime

  • Sahori Kajikawa is the voice of Erika in the anime, Boys Over Flowers (1996),[38] and the film, Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997).[39] She is a regular antagonist to Tsukushi and never appears outside the company of Yuriko and Minako. Her portrayal is similar to that in the manga, though she and her friends appear slightly more often. One small difference is that they are willing to pretend to be friends with Tsukushi at one point. Eventually there is too much bad blood between the girls, leading them to leave her alone for the most part.

Zhang Ruo Zhen as Qian Hui

  • In Meteor Garden (2001), Zhang Ruo Zhen portrays a version of Erika, renamed Qian Hui.[40] The Lilies are a duo instead of a trio in this series. Qian Hui and Bai He (Yuriko) serve as early antagonists to Shan Cai like in the manga. They are jealous of her for receiving attention from the F4 and regularly bully her. Qian Hui exhibits a particular animosity towards Shan Cai, such as when she shows Si the photos of her and Thomas. She and Bai He no longer appear in the series after episode nine.

Aki Fukada as Erika (pink)


Momoko Otaishi (right) as Erika



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