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Rui: "Go after him! If you love him, you should go after him no matter where he is! Would you be happy to just watch him from the sidelines? "And you call yourself a man?""
Tsukushi: "Those are..."
Rui: "Do you remember know?"
Rui encourages Tsukushi

"The best last present" (最高のラストプレゼント () Saikō no Rasuto Purezento) is the ninth and final episode of Hana Yori Dango. It aired on December 16, 2005 on TBS. The episode was followed by the premiere of Hana Yori Dango Returns in January 2007.

Tsukushi Makino enters Teen of Japan. Despite stiff competition from Ayano Kurimaki, she makes it to the final round. Meanwhile, Tsukasa Domyoji places a wager with his mother. He promises to go to New York if Tsukushi loses.


Tsukushi Makino walks onto to the Teen of Japan stage with the other contestants. The contest's chairperson announces the first event, a surprise talent show. Tsukushi demonstrates how to protect yourself against a predator. She advances to the next round with Ayano Kurimaki and Sakurako Sanjo. Meanwhile, Nishida kidnaps Tsukasa Domyoji and brings him to his mother. Kaede makes a wager with her son. If Tsukushi loses, Tsukasa will do what Kaede wants. The theme of the next round is "beauty". The girls are required to model clothes on a runway. Tsukushi appears lost among the name brand clothes and just grabs whatever.

Backstage, Tsukushi's clothes are ruined by Yuriko Asai and her friends, while she is talking to Ayano and Sakurako. Tsukushi makes do with what she has and models the torn clothing. Surprisingly, one of the judges loves her look, which automatically qualifies her for the next round. Sakurako does not make it, so she helps Tsukushi write her English speech. After the girls give their speeches, Ayano passes on to the final event. The second finalist is decided via a game of rock-paper-scissors. The audience begins to complain, when Tsukushi wins the game. Tsukasa arrives at that moment to tell them to "shut up" and cheer on Tsukushi.

In the final round, Tsukushi and Ayano have to play with a group of children, who will decide the winner. Ayano quickly grabs the attention of the majority. Tsukushi wins over four boys, whose behavior reminds her of the F4. All of the other children soon join Tsukushi. Her hands full, Tsukushi asks Ayano for help and everyone plays together. The time comes to decide the winner, however, the children refuse to pick a side. Based on total points, Ayano is crowned the winner. Tsukushi is granted a special prize of one million yen. The audience gives her a standing ovation as they yell out praise. Tsukasa quietly leaves the auditorium.

Ayano visits Kaede's office, after winning the TOJ. She surprises Kaede by telling her that Tsukushi is the "most suitable" girl for Tsukasa. That night, Eitoku hosts a party for Tsukushi. She waits near entrance for Tsukasa to show up and silently watches her friends enjoying themselves. Tsukushi eventually receives a call from Tsukasa, who offers her four million yen in exchange for her Christmas Eve. She tells him that it is too much, though he has already paid the loan sharks. At home, Tsukushi's family celebrate her father's promotion. Rui Hanazawa later pays a visit to Tsukasa. He asks Rui to meet Tsukushi tomorrow in his place.

The next day, Rui delivers Tsukasa's present to Tsukushi and tells her that Tsukasa is leaving for New York. Tsukushi is shocked by the news and asks Rui to spend the day with her. Rui instead tells her to "go after [Tsukasa]", similar to what she once said to him. After saying goodbye to Tsukushi, Rui runs into Shizuka Todo. Tsukushi makes her way to the Domyojis private airport. She runs along the runway as the plane gets ready to take off. Kaede stops the plane, allowing Tsukasa to get off. After a lengthy exchange, Tsukushi finally confesses to being in love with him. They share a hug and kiss, before he boards the plane.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Akira Mimasaka Tsuyoshi Abe
Chieko Makino Mako Ishino
Erika Ayuhara Aki Fukada
Haruo Makino Susumu Kobayashi
Kaede Domyoji Mariko Kaga
Minako Yamano Emiko Matsuoka
Nishida David Ito
Rui Hanazawa Shun Oguri
Sachiyo Sengoku Takako Kato
Sakurako Sanjo Megumi Sato
Shizuka Todo Mayumi Sada
Sojiro Nishikado Shota Matsuda
Susumu Makino Satoshi Tomiura
Tsubaki Domyoji Nanako Matsushima
Tsukasa Domyoji Jun Matsumoto
Tsukushi Makino Mao Inoue
Yuki Matsuoka Aki Nishihara
Yuriko Asai Saki


Guest roles[2]

TOJ contestants

  • Ai Hasegawa
  • Ai Ito
  • Akiko Asano
  • Ako Kojima
  • Aminami
  • Ayumi Touma
  • Megumi Shoji
  • Misa Mochiduki
  • Mizuki Watanabe
  • Momoko Shibuya
  • Natsuki Okamoto
  • Natsuko Kobayashi
  • Rina Matsuki
  • Shizuka Yamazaki
  • Tomomi Onishi
  • YOKO
  • Yuiko Kan
  • Yuka Imai
  • Yuka Wakabayashi
  • Yuki Shoji
  • Yurika Akane



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Kanto Kansai
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