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"Why don't you believe her? It's a choice! Whether it's true or not... If you don't believe what the girl you like says, what will you do? If you care how she feels, you should know that!"
Haruto to Tenma

"Love's destiny and marvel, really liking someone!?" (運命の恋と奇跡の恋、本当に好きな人は⁉︎ Unmei no koi to kiseki no koi, hontō ni sukina hito wa!?) is an episode of the drama, Hana Nochi Hare. The episode first aired on June 12, 2018 in Japan. It was followed by episode ten on June 19.

After being attacked, Oto Edogawa finds out that Jin Konoe is behind it. Tenma Hase wants to believe in his friend and Haruto Kaguragi takes her side. After Tenma sees him hugging Oto, he confronts Haruto at his house.


Unknown assailants spray mace in Oto Edogawa's eyes while she is on her way home. He says "Eitoku has no future", the same words gratified on Eitoku's sign, before walking away. Oto screams for help and is heard by a group of Momonozono Academy students, including Jin Konoe. They take her to a hospital where they are joined shortly by Tenma Hase. Konoe takes the moment to propose Oto transferring to Momonozono. Tenma declines, reminding Konoe that he is respecting Oto's feelings. The same night, Megumi Nishidome wants something to celebrate becoming Haruto Kaguragi's girlfriend. He offers to take her on a date, which she excitedly tells Oto in the morning.

Oto sees Haruto is having a hard time planning his date with Megumi. She gives him some advice and says that Megumi is happy as long as she is by his side. Megumi spots the two bantering and turns around with a sad smile. Rie Hase is waiting for Oto when she returns home. She apologizes for "doubting" Oto and burns the photos of her and Haruto from earlier, saying "We are going to be family, right?" At the same time, Haruto meets with his father to inform him that he is "formally" dating Megumi. Clearly proud of his son, he explains that he named him Haruto because he wanted him to become a leader. The two then smile at one another.

The next day, Haruto goes to Megumi's photo shoot. He shouts her name to get her attention. Haruto then admits that he has no idea what to do for their date, but wants to spend as much time as possible with her. Meanwhile, Oto sees Konoe speaking to two suspicious persons. She overhears them speaking about the attacks on her and Eitoku. Oto confronts Konoe, who calls her "foolish". He does not care about Momonozono or Eitoku, his mission being "Do not make Tenma sad and always support him." Oto then goes to see Tenma. She hesitates to tell him until Konoe suddenly arrives. It becomes a "he said, she said" and Tenma thinks that she is mistaken. Oto sadly says that Tenma did not believe her and leaves.

Oto passes by Haruto and Megumi while on their date. She makes up an excuse to leave, despite being obviously upset. Megumi encourages him to check on her. Afterwards, she goes to see Arisa Konno and Airi Maya and admits that she "lost it," referring to her relationship. Haruto finds Oto at a park where she explains the whole situation. Konoe receives a photo of the two from his associate and manipulates Tenma into running into them at Yebisu Garden Place. Haruto surmises that Konoe is the culprit and questions why Tenma would not believe Oto. Tenma is dumbstruck as he does not want to believe that his friend is a liar. Before it becomes a serious fight, Oto stops them and tells them to go home.

Haruto returns to comfort Oto and has her explain more about the situation with Konoe. Meanwhile, Tenma remembers how Oto stood by him after his mother's death and runs to find her. Oto and Haruto are about to part ways when he suddenly hugs her from behind. Tenma then arrives but Haruto does not let go until he reminds Tenma to think about Oto first. Tenma then walks Oto home, assuring her "It's not that I don't believe you, but Konoe is also a precious friend." Upon returning home, Oto begins thinking and runs to Konno's apartment for advice. At the same time, Tenma confronts Haruto at his house. Seeing his son's useless attempts to fight, Iwao suggests a martial arts competition between the two.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Airi Maya Mio Imada
Arisa Konno Haruka Kinami
Haruto Kaguragi Sho Hirano
Issa Narumiya Jin Suzuki
Iwao Kaguragi Kenichi Takito
Jin Konoe Riku Kashima
Kaito Taira Tatsuomi Hamada
Kazuma Hase Tet Wada (Flashback only)
Megumi Nishidome Marie Iitoyo
Miyoko Hase Keiko Horiuchi (Flashback only)
Oto Edogawa Hana Sugisaki
Rie Hase Saki Takaoka
Sugimaru Eibi Keisuke Nakata
Tenma Hase Taishi Nakagawa
Yukie Edogawa Momoko Kikuchi


Guest roles


Video Research Ltd. Source
Rating DVR Total
8.6% 7.4% 14.4% [4][5]


Chapters covered:
34, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42


Yutaka Kyan with Marie Iitoyo

  • Yutaka Kyan of Golden Bomber makes a cameo appearance as a photographer, which was first announced on June 9. He commented that he wished he could wear an Eitoku Academy uniform.[6]

  • Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" can be heard while Oto and Konno are eating at a café.

  • In a poll conducted by Model Press, Oto's and Haruto's hug ranked at number five of best hug scenes. They received 345 votes in total.[7]

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