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Episode 7 (제7화) of Boys Over Flowers aired on January 26, 2009 on KBS2 in South Korea. It marks the first appearance of Kim Hyun-joo as Gu Jun-hee.


Cast and characters

Character Actor Notes
Bom Choon-sik Kim Ki-bang
Choi Jin-hee Gook Ji-yeon
Chu Ga-eul Kim So-eun
Geum Il-bong Ahn Suk-hwan
Geum Jan-di Ku Hye-sun
Geum Kang-san Park Ji-bin
Gu Jun-hee Kim Hyun-joo (Debut)
Gu Jun-pyo Lee Min-ho
Lee Mi-sook Min Young-won
Na Gong-joo Im Ye-jin
So Yi-jung Kim Bum
Song Woo-bin Kim Joon
Yoon Ji-hoo Kim Hyun-joong


Guest roles


TNS Ratings AGB Nielsen Source
Seoul Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
19.1% 19.5% 17.4% 18.1% [2]



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