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There are several different cuts of Meteor Garden (2001). This wiki currently goes by a 19 episode version (VCD), which is believed to be the closest to how the series first aired.

"Hua Ze Lei's hand is so cold. Different from Dao Ming Si's warm hands. But I chose this hand. I can never see that guy smile again."
Dong Shan Cai

Episode 6 (第6集), also titled "Chapter Six" (Chapter 陸), is the sixth installment of the drama, Meteor Garden. It first aired on May 17, 2001 in Taiwan. The episode was followed by episode seven on May 24. Mary Hsu appears as Dao Ming Zhuang for the first time in this episode.

Hua Ze Lei returns from France with a new personality. Dong Shan Cai finds it hard to ignore him, especially when Dao Ming Si brings her on vacation. Si notices something amiss, and later sees Lei and Shan Cai kiss.


Dong Shan Cai goes to meet Dao Ming Si to tell him to take back the appliances he sent. She and the F3 are surprised by Hua Ze Lei's sudden return. Si informs him that he and Shan Cai are now dating, though she claims otherwise. Later on, she sees Lei flirting with a girl and wonders what happened between him and Teng Tang Jing. In the morning, Shan Cai meets Lei on the school's roof. He asks "Are you and Si really dating?" She is confused when he suggests that he wants to pursue her but then says it is a joke. She walks away, feeling annoyed yet flustered at the same time. That night, Si meets Shan Cai after work to take her to confront the person who took the photos of her and Thomas.

Shan Cai and Si arrive at Li Zhen's home. She refuses to believe it until Li Zhen admits to it. Li Zhen admits that they could have been good friends had it not been for Si, whom she likes. Before leaving, Shan Cai returns the bear Li Zhen gave her and asks Si not to give her a red slip. The next day, Chen Qing He informs Shan Cai that Li Zhen has transferred schools. She then finds the bear in her locker with a new apology. Later, Si takes her shopping for clothes to cheer her up and in preparation for a trip to Okinawa. At the airport, he reveals that he received permission from her parents to take her. They are accompanied on the trip by the rest of the F4 along with their dates. Shan Cai cannot help noticing Lei.

Once they reach the hotel, Si hugs Shan Cai from behind and informs her "The room is ours." After dinner, she is feeling nervous about sharing a room with Si. He assures her that he will not do anything she is "imagining" and promises to sleep on the couch. Shan Cai, however, is unable to fall asleep and goes for a walk along the beach. She finds Lei who asks her to hold him as he talks about his time in France with Jing. He reveals that their happy days did not last very long and he was often alone while Jing went to school or work. Lei says "I can't do anything for the woman I love." They are interrupted when Si calls Shan Cai's cellphone. She returns to the hotel and does not tell him about meeting Lei.

The following morning, Lei drops Shan Cai's phone while playing volleyball with the guys. Si picks it up and realizes that Shan Cai lied the day before. Qing He soon arrives and brings a magazine containing news of Jing's relationship with a Frenchman. Mei Zuo and Xi Men ask Lei if he is okay with it. He tells them "Our relationship is over." That night, Shan Cai goes to meet him again at the beach again. Shan Cai starts crying and confesses that she cannot stop thinking about Lei, wishing for him to be happy. Lei says "Why aren't you the one I love?" and then kisses and holds her in his arms. Witnessing this, Si punches Lei. Shan Cai attempts to apologize to him, but he tells her to never speak to him again.

The next morning, Si returns to Taiwan by himself. Before going home themselves, Lei holds Shan Cai's hand as she thinks about Si. She later tells her mother that the things she hopes for will "never happen." Si, meanwhile, explains what happened to Mei Zuo and Xi Men. Mei Zuo wants them to make up, but Si kicks Lei out of the F4 the following day. Lei later asks Shan Cai on a date. The next Sunday, they go out but Shan Cai finds herself constantly thinking of Si. In the meantime, Si has been acting out at home, which worries his butler. He decides to calls his sister Dao Ming Zhuang for help. She beats Si up shortly after arriving and tells him he will know why tomorrow. The next morning, she picks up Shan Cai.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Chen Qing He Edward Ou
Dao Ming Si Jerry Yan
Dong Shan Cai Barbie Hsu
Hua Ze Lei Vic Chou
Li Zhen Ann Yeh
Mei Zuo Vanness Wu
Shan Cai's mother Wang Yue
Xi Men Ken Chu


Guest roles


Chapters covered:
Arc: Southern Resort
32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43


On the Beach Lue

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  • Si brings Shan Cai to a high-end store dedicated to the brand, Nina Ricci.


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