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Jan-di: "What are you doing now? Is this all you can do? Go after her! If she can't stay here, you can go to her. Didn't you say you like her? Just peeping at her behind a post is your way of love? Do you have the right to say you like her when you are like that?"
Ji-hoo: "I'm on the next flight."
Jan-di encourages Ji-hoo to go after Seo-hyun

Episode 4 (제4화) of the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers originally aired on January 13, 2009 on KBS2. It was preceded by episode three on January 12 and followed by episode five on January 19. The episode received a nationwide rating of 21.4%.

Urged by Geum Jan-di, Yoon Ji-hoo follows Min Seo-hyun to France. Gu Jun-pyo asks Jan-di on a date, which results in them being locked in together overnight. Later, a photo causes the entire school to think that they are dating.


Yoon Ji-hoo confronts Geum Jan-di about what she said to Min Seo-hyun. Though she was concerned for him, he feels that "It has nothing to do with [her]." The next day at the airport, Jan-di asks Gu Jun-pyo whether "suppressing your emotions" is right. He says it is wrong and that the person would come to regret it. After they say goodbye to Seo-hyun, Ji-hoo appears and reveals that he has been there for hours. Jan-di yells at him to "go after her." Smiling, he pulls out his plane ticket. He thanks Jan-di and kisses her forehead. Outside, Jun-pyo says something to Jan-di but she cannot hear him over the planes. She remains puzzled when he later gives her a time and place.

That Saturday, she goes shopping all day with her mother. Several hours later, she remembers Jun-pyo and goes to Namsan Tower where she finds him waiting in the snow. Feeling guilty, she offers to buy him a hot drink inside. After getting coffee, they go out to the observation deck. An employee closes and locks the door. When the lights turn off, Jan-di and Jun-pyo rush to the door. They soon grasp that they are trapped together. In an empty cable car, Jan-di feels nervous being alone with Jun-pyo. He leans close to her. She threatens to stab him with a pen, before pushing him away. Jun-pyo starts coughing, leading Jan-di to feel his forehead and realize he is sick. She quickly bundles him up to keep him warm.

Jan-di and Jun-pyo eventually fall asleep and are discovered in the morning. He offers to give her a ride, but she declines since she wants to think about what to say to her mother. She arrives home to find her family congratulating her for "saving" the heir of Shinhwa Group. Jun-pyo apparently came earlier than her to explain the situation to them. At school, rumors of Jan-di being Jun-pyo's girlfriend spread like wildfire. Instead of denying it, he confirms it. Jan-di later visits Oh Min-ji at her home. She asks about the rumors, which Jan-di denies them. Exploring, Jan-di reaches for a book. Min-ji quickly grabs it and yells at Jan-di. They both apologize to each other and then get ready to go somewhere.

So Yi-jung and Song Woo-bin question Jun-pyo if he is serious about dating Jan-di, reminding him about his parents. He maintains that he is completely serious. Later, Yi-jung goes to Jan-di's workplace and meets Chu Ga-eul. He brings her to his studio, where he tells her that Jan-di may get hurt if she dates Jun-pyo. Ga-eul becomes offended by how he says it and tells him off, before leaving. Meanwhile, Min-ji brings Jan-di to a night club. Not wanting to dance, Jan-di wanders off on her own and meets a guy. She becomes intoxicated as the night wears on. In the morning, Jan-di wakes up in a hotel room with a message thanking her for the night. At school, she finds photos of her in bed with the guy.

Jun-pyo does not believe Jan-di insisting that she has been "tricked." Later, she begins searching for the guy in the photos. She is joined by Ga-eul, Yi-jung, and Woo-bin. They notice a tattoo in one of the photos. The guys go to a tattoo parlor and from there a host club. They convince the owner to give them the name of the host, whom they promptly confront. Meanwhile, Min-ji gives Jun-pyo the card to the same hotel room. The next day, the students plan an assault on Jan-di which Min-ji keeps to herself. She instead follows Jun-pyo to the hotel. There she reveals that she is jealous of Jan-di and wants Jun-pyo for herself. He leaves in disgust as he remembers Jan-di pleading with him to believe her.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Bom Choon-sik Kim Ki-bang
Choi Jin-hee Gook Ji-yeon
Chu Ga-eul Kim So-eun
Geum Il-bong Ahn Suk-hwan
Geum Jan-di Ku Hye-sun
Geum Kang-san Park Ji-bin
Gu Jun-pyo Lee Min-ho
Lee Mi-sook Min Young-won
Min Seo-hyun Han Chae-young
Na Gong-joo Im Ye-jin
Oh Min-ji Lee Si-young
Park Sun-ja Jang Ja-yeon
So Yi-jung Kim Bum
Song Woo-bin Kim Joon
Yoon Ji-hoo Kim Hyun-joong


Guest roles


TNS Ratings AGB Nielsen Source
Seoul Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
21.6% 21.4% 17.8% 17.7% [2]



Chapters covered:
Arc: Sakurako
20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30

  • Kim Hyun-joong's band SS501 have a cameo performing "U R Man."[3][4] Only Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, and Kim Hyung-jun are present since Park Jung-min was appearing in a musical at the time.
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