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"She thinks money is everything? She doesn't care if I am family or not anyway. Let's just suppose I'm dead. She'll see money can't help."
Si, angry at his mother, runs away to the seaside

"Dao Ming Si's Chapter, Part 1" (道明寺篇〈上〉 Dàomíng Sì Piān Shàng) is the third episode of Meteor Rain and the first part of Dao Ming Si's story. It aired on CTS in early 2002. The episode features new characters played by Qu Zhong Heng and Peng Xin.

After beating up someone, Dao Ming Si gets in trouble with the police. He runs away and hurts his leg. Si washes up on a beach, where a little girl Xin Xin finds him. Her father allows Si to stay with them for several days.


A nineteen-year-old Dao Ming Si gets into a brawl at a bar. Later, the F3 are hanging out at another bar. They overhear the news reporting the incident. Si arrives and tries to act normal. His friends advise him to go home, but the press and police are surrounding the place. Si calls Xi Men, who reveals that the police have questioned him. To avoid the police, Si goes to a club, where he calls his butler. He tells Si that his mother will fix the situation, but she wants him to turn himself in first. Si becomes angry that her mother did not come tell him in person.

He runs away and sneaks onto a train. In the morning, Si sees two police officers board the train. They chase him to the rear car of the train and he jumps off. Si's leg is badly hurt from the fall and he limps to a nearby beach. A young girl named Xin Xin is called by a father to come to dinner. When she leaves her playhouse, she spots Si passed out on the beach. Her father, Ah Yuan brings him inside and bandages his leg. In his sleep, Si calls out for his mother and Xin Xin hugs him. Si sleeps for two days, before waking up.

He eats breakfast with Xin Xin and Ah Yuan, and voices his plans to leave shortly. Xin Xin wants him to stay and expresses this via a chalkboard. Si asks if she is a mute, but her father says that "she just doesn't want to" talk. Ah Yuan then goes to work, leaving Si and Xin Xin alone. At the sawmill, Ah Yuan wonders why Xin Xin likes Si, since she typically hates strangers. Meanwhile, she asks Si if he misses his mother too, though he refuses to admit his true feelings. The two spend the rest of the day at the beach as Xin Xin draws pictures.

Later, Ah Yuan returns home and greets his daughter with a birthday cake. Si realizes they share a birthday, before Ah Yuan gives him a crutch. That night, Ah Yuan sings "Happy Birthday" to her and Xin Xin blows out the candles. She refuses to say her wish, wanting to "keep it in [her] heart." Xin Xin offers Si a piece of cake, but he declines it. Having a quick temper, she throws it in his face. Ah Yuan scolds her, but she and Si start to smile. She gives Si another piece of cake, which he eats this time.

After Si takes a shower, he and Ah Yuan talk over a couple of beers. He reveals to Si that Xin Xin stopped talking on the day her mother left. Si tells him to go after her, but he has no idea about her location. Soon, Si becomes accustomed to life with Ah Yuan and Xin Xin, and grows close to them. Xin Xin later gives her father a homemade dust mask, which he proudly wears a work. Ah Yuan is reading a newspaper during lunch, when he spots a story about Si. Worried, Ah Yuan rushes home and brings Xin Xin inside the house.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Ah Yuan Qu Zhong Heng (Debut)
Dao Ming Si Jerry Yan
Hua Ze Lei Vic Chou
Mei Zuo Vanness Wu
Xi Men Ken Chu
Xin Xin Peng Xin (Debut)


Guest roles



  • This episode and the following episode take place before the events of Meteor Garden (2001).
  • A scene featuring Xiao Shun from episode nine of Meteor Garden is shown at the beginning of this episode.
  • In the episode, Si does not have his trademark "pineapple" hair style and his personality is much softer. This indicates that the events of the story became a catalyst for his behavior in Meteor Garden (2001).

  • In YA Entertainment's 2005 North American release, the characters are called by their manga names. The episode is titled "Tsukasa's Scene I."
  • Filming of this episode and the next was delayed by Typhoon Nari in mid-September 2001. Cabins built by the crew at Baisha Bay were destroyed by the storm.[2]

  • The news coverage about Si injuring the chairman's son is on CTS, the channel that aired Meteor Garden (2001).

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