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"To me, when a person tries to decide what to do, it's similar to buying something in a foreign country. If you don't buy it at that very moment, then there's no second chance. I know very well how agonizing that regret is."
Seo-hyun decides to return to France

Episode 3 (제3화) is an entry in the television drama, Boys Over Flowers. It aired on January 12, 2009 in South Korea, followed by the fourth episode the next day. The episode had a nationwide rating of 20.8%.

After Min Seo-hyun announces her return to France, Geum Jan-di sees her and Yoon Ji-hoo kiss. Gu Jun-pyo covers for her when the pair emerges from the room. Jun-pyo begins changing her opinion of him over the next day.


Geum Jan-di dances with Yoon Ji-hoo, while Gu Jun-pyo looks on with jealousy. Once her dance is over, she feels sad watching Ji-hoo with Min Seo-hyun and walks outside. Jun-pyo, meanwhile, falls into the pool after being frightened by a bug. A student announces Jun-pyo's fall and everyone rushes outside, where they find Jan-di attempting to revive him. His eyes open when she gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She punches him for pretending, but Jun-pyo smiles, happy to have shared a kiss. His good mood keeps up for the following day, confusing his servants. Back at school, he plays a prank on Jan-di by putting ducks in the pool. He laughs while watching her angrily scream from a monitor.

Later, Ji-hoo, who has been depressed lately, is playing his violin when the string snaps and cuts his finger. Jan-di walks up and wraps his finger in a handkerchief, despite his protests. Choi Jin-hee and her friends record the exchange which they later show to Jun-pyo. Irritated, he breaks Jin-hee's camera. Jan-di returns to the same spot later that day, hoping to see Ji-hoo. Jun-pyo shows up instead angry and feeling he has been used. He tries to kiss her but she resists. Jun-pyo eventually gives up, saying "You hate me that much?" The next morning, Jan-di receives an invitation to Seo-hyun's birthday party. Her parents are excited and begin searching for a dress. Thankfully, Seo-hyun sends a nice dress in time.

Everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to Seo-hyun, before she announces her intentions to return to France permanently, forgoing her parents' law firm. Afterwards, she talks to an upset Ji-hoo. He tells her that he loves her, a feeling she returns. They kiss, which Jan-di witnesses. Jun-pyo walks up to her just before the couple come out of the room. Seo-hyun invites her for a drive, but Jun-pyo covers for her saying they are going for one themselves. He tells her he has paid his debt to her, though she only agrees to twenty-five percent being paid back. Jun-pyo takes her to a bar he has rented out. He hints that he may like her, before heading to the bathroom. Becoming nervous, she downs a glass of alcohol.

When Jun-pyo returns, he finds Jan-di intoxicated. She thanks him for saving her earlier and appears to be going in for kiss, but throws up on him instead. In the morning, she wakes up in his house, not remembering anything. Once he explains the situation, Jan-di recalls everything and apologizes. His butler informs him that his mother has arrived. Jun-pyo quickly hides Jan-di and then calls his friends for help. They arrive at his house shortly. Surprised by what they are saying about his mother, Jan-di exclaims "Is she really that scary?" They reminiscence about the time they ran away from camp. Jun-pyo's mother had sent a SWAT team to capture them, even pointing guns at the young children.

Jun-pyo's mother is there for a charity auction. So Yi-jung manages to borrow a dress from one of the contributors. Once Jan-di gets dressed up, they successfully fool Jun-pyo's mother though she asks her secretary, who recognizes Jan-di, to find out whose daughter she is. At the auction, a pair of swimming goggles catches Jan-di's eye. Jun-pyo secretly purchases them and presents them to her. The next day, Jan-di runs into Seo-hyun at school. Seeing her car, Ji-hoo walks in and overhears Jan-di asking Seo-hyun to stay in Korea for his sake. Seo-hyun explains that she does not want to have any regrets. She then gives her a pair of shoes and asks her to make Ji-hoo smile.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Choi Jin-hee Gook Ji-yeon
Geum Il-bong Ahn Suk-hwan
Geum Jan-di Ku Hye-sun
Geum Kang-san Park Ji-bin
Gu Jun-pyo Lee Min-ho
Jung Sang-rok Jung Ho-bin
Kang Hee-soo Lee Hye-young
Lee Mi-sook Min Young-won
Min Seo-hyun Han Chae-young
Na Gong-joo Im Ye-jin
Park Sun-ja Jang Ja-yeon
So Yi-jung Kim Bum
Song Woo-bin Kim Joon
Yoon Ji-hoo Kim Hyun-joong


Guest starring


TNS Ratings AGB Nielsen Sources
Seoul Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
21.1% 20.8% 17.2% 18.2% [2]



Chapters covered:
Arc: Atami
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
  • The episodes follows chapters eleven to twenty, while Jan-di's meeting with Jun-pyo's mother is reminiscent of chapter ninety-seven.
  • This episode takes place on and around December 21, 2008, the date of Seo-hyun's twenty-third birthday party.
  • Gu-pyo purchases swim goggles owned by Park Tae-hwan to give Jan-di. Park had just won a Gold Medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.


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