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"I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't have lost my temper. I shouldn't have come to Spain or taken a liking to that ring. I'm sorry..."
Shan Cai

Episode 2 (第2集), also titled Chapter 2, of Meteor Garden II aired in November 2002 on the free-to-air CTS. The episode marks the first appearance of supporting actor Xu Xiao Shun as Sha Ge. It was followed by episode three.

After Dao Ming Si goes missing, Dong Shan Cai calls Teng Tang Jing for help. The F3 soon join the search. Meanwhile, Ye Sha watches over Si at the hospital. The accident has effected his memories, causing to forget everything.


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Cast and characters

Character Actor Notes
Dao Ming Si Jerry Yan
Dong Shan Cai Barbie Hsu
Hua Ze Lei Vic Chou
Mei Zuo Vanness Wu
Sha Ge Xu Xiao Shun (Debut)
Xi Men Ken Chu
Ye Sha Michelle Saram

Guest roles


  • Si's birth date, June 16, 1980, is revealed via his passport. In episode nine of Meteor Garden, he states his birthday is on the thirty-first but does not name the month. He also celebrates his birthday in episode three of Meteor Rain which takes place during the summer.
  • Scenes from episode one and ten of Meteor Garden are replayed in this episode.


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