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Jun-pyo: "What do you dislike so much? I'm good-looking, smart, tall, rich. What is there not to like about me?"
Jan-di: "You must not realize it but you as a whole, your personality, is unattractive! That greasy mouth, your arrogant walk, and your curly hair. It's all very annoying."
Jan-di insults Jun-pyo

Episode 2 (제2화) of Boys Over Flowers, a Korean drama, first aired on January 6, 2009 on KBS2. The episode was followed by episode three the following week. It features the first appearance of Han Chae-young as Min Seo-hyun.

Gu Jun-pyo develops a crush on Geum Jan-di. He comes off as arrogant and Jan-di rejects all of his advances. Later, Yoon Ji-hoo's first love Seo-hyun returns to Korea. The F4 hold a welcome back party for her and invite Jan-di.


Geum Jan-di is nearly assaulted by three male students. Yoon Ji-hoo, who happened to be nearby, interrupts and nonchalantly forces them to leave. She thanks him, but he dismisses it saying "This kind of stuff just annoys me." The assailants report back to Gu Jun-pyo. He questions their actions since he only told them to "scare her," before dismissing them. Jan-di later describes what happened to Chu Ga-eul, whom curses the F4. Thinking of Ji-hoo, Jan-di says that one of them is "different." Riding her bike home, she finds him kissing a poster of Min Seo-hyun. She begins describing Seo-hyun, who is her "idol." He becomes annoyed when she suggests Seo-hyun could marry royalty someday and walks away.

That night, Jan-di's brother finds a rumor online about a Shinhwa student coming out of a maternity hospital. Her classmates speculate that the student is Jan-di. Choi Jin-hee and her friends write vicious words on the classroom's blackboards and put dirty towels on her desk, calling her a "rag." Having had enough, Jan-di confronts Jun-pyo. She kicks him in the face and throws a towel in his face, before informing him that she is an "untouched virgin." Later that night, So Yi-jung and Song Woo-bin compare Jan-di to Jun-pyo's sister. He denies the comparison, before saying that Jan-di has supposedly "fallen" for him. Yi-jung and Woo-bin are both confused and amused by his assumption.

The next day at school, Jan-di is abducted by some men. She is brought to a lavish house, where she is given a full make-over. A butler brings her to Jun-pyo, much to her horror. He arrogantly tells her to confess her feelings for him. Confused at first, Jan-di rejects his offer to be his girlfriend and his attempt to essentially "buy" her. After she leaves, Jun-pyo throws a fit and terrorizes his servants. Meanwhile, Jan-di feels stupid for not being able to answer his question, "Can there truly be something money can't buy?" She then throws the high heels she is wearing over the fence. Ji-hoo happens to drive by. She asks him Jun-pyo's question and he easily answers, "Air." He lends her a pair of shoes before heading off.

The next morning, Jan-di searches for Ji-hoo but comes across Yi-jung and Woo-bin instead. She asks them about Seo-hyun whom they reveal is Ji-hoo's first love. She feels a little down about it. The next day, during dodgeball, she becomes distracted while watching Ji-hoo. Jin-hee throws a ball at her face, causing her nose to bleed. While cleaning herself up, Jun-pyo clumsily tries to help her. She rejects his help, leading him to ask why she hates him. She lists everything she hates about him, before saying "I hate everything about [you]." Finding himself rejected again, he attempts to work out his frustrations through sports. Afterwards, Jun-pyo finds a sign advertising Shinhwa's school trip and smiles.

Unable to afford the school trip, Jan-di makes plans to go with Ga-eul, who has an aunt living at the coast. At the airport, Ji-hoo greets Seo-hyun who has returned from France, while the others board a plane. Before it takes off, Jun-pyo receives a call telling him where Jan-di is. He heads south on a cruise ship, bringing the entire Shinhwa group with him. He invites Jan-di to his party, which she refuses until Ji-hoo asks. Jin-hee informs her that it is a costume party, causing Jan-di to be humiliated at the fancy party. Thankfully, Ji-hoo and Seo-hyun intervene. She lends Jan-di a dress and fixes her hair and make-up. Saving the shoes for last, Seo-hyun tells her "Good shoes will take you to good places."

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Bom Choon-sik Kim Ki-bang
Choi Jin-hee Gook Ji-yeon
Chu Ga-eul Kim So-eun
Geum Il-bong Ahn Suk-hwan
Geum Jan-di Ku Hye-sun
Geum Kang-san Park Ji-bin
Gu Jun-pyo Lee Min-ho
Lee Mi-sook Min Young-won
Min Seo-hyun Han Chae-young (Debut)
Na Gong-joo Im Ye-jin
Park Sun-ja Jang Ja-yeon
So Yi-jung Kim Bum
Song Woo-bin Kim Joon
Yoon Ji-hoo Kim Hyun-joong


Guest starring


TNS Ratings AGB Nielsen Source
Seoul Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
17.4% 17.6% 15.9% 16.1% [2]



Chapters covered:
Arc: Red Slip Troubles
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