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"Does she have more money than you? Did you earn all of that money? Is it my project to be nosy? It's my project not to overlook jerks who act how they want just because they know their rich parents have their back."
Jan-di stands up to Jun-pyo

Episode 1 (제1화) is the first installment of the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers based on the manga of the same name. The episode first aired on January 5, 2009 on KBS2. It was followed by episode two the next day on January 6. The episode introduces the principal characters of the story.

Geum Jan-di is offered a scholarship to Shinhwa High School, after saving a suicidal student. She is treated like an outcast at the school and later earns the ire of the F4's Gu Jun-pyo when she stands up to him for her friend.


Geum Jan-di, whose family owns a dry cleaners, visits Shinhwa High School for a delivery. Meanwhile, the recipient, Lee Min-ha, is running from his classmates whom have beaten him up severely. Jan-di wanders into the cafeteria, where she overhears a student mentioning that Min-ha is on the roof. She goes there and asks him for payment. He tells her to settle the bill with his family since he is going to die. Finally understanding the situation, Jan-di tries to reason with him. He attempts to jump, but she catches him in time. Jan-di becomes a media sensation and the incident begins to effect Shinhwa Group negatively. The chairwoman orders for the situation to be "extinguished."

The chairwoman's secretary visits Jan-di's family to offer her a scholarship to Shinhwa. Jan-di turns it down, but her family insists that she accepts it. The next day, her father drives her to school in his dry cleaning van. An aspiring swimmer, Jan-di immediately looks for the school's pool. She happens upon Yoon Ji-hoo playing a song on his violin. She awkwardly asks for directions and apologizes for interrupting. Later, Jan-di watches as the F4 enter the school together. Their leader Gu Jun-pyo sees another student wearing the same shirt as him and pours juice on it. Once the F4 leaves, Jan-di calls Jun-pyo a "crazy person." Three girls overhear and criticize her for saying bad things about the F4.

That night, Jan-di enlists her brother's help in researching the F4. Song Woo-bin, So Yi-jung, and Ji-hoo all turn out to have amazing backgrounds and are unimaginably rich. Jun-pyo is the most impressive, being the heir to Shinhwa Group. The next morning, she yells out her frustrations about Jun-pyo at the school's emergency staircase. Ji-hoo, who was taking a nap, wakes up. He leaves after correcting how she said Jun-pyo's name. At lunch, Jan-di makes a new friend, Oh Min-ji. At work, her best friend Chu Ga-eul is happy for her, being afraid that she would be "outcast." Jan-di informs that she is an outcast, but is happy to go unnoticed. Ga-eul's questions where the righteous Jan-di went.

The following day, Jun-pyo receives a cake from a girl and smashes it in her face. Jan-di attempts to say something, but cannot get up the nerve. After a swim, she and Min-ji get ice cream and walk around the campus. Min-ji trips and drops her ice cream on Jun-pyo's shoe. He demands for her to lick it. Jan-di stands up for Min-ji, saying "Apologizing is enough, right?," and then criticizes him for not understanding friendship. He tells her to lick it to prove her friendship. Jan-di instead throws her ice cream in his face and tells him off, before storming away. Feeling humiliated, Jun-pyo begins thinking of ways for revenge. Yi-jung asks him why he is thinking so hard about it, leading Jun-pyo to realize just what to do.

Jan-di receives a red card in her locker, leading the others to begin bullying her. First, they start with vandalizing her school books and desk. They then throw eggs at her and cover her in flour. Jun-pyo, meanwhile, watches on a monitor from the F4's lounge. He thinks she will come groveling to him, but she does not. Jan-di goes to the emergency staircase, where she finds Ji-hoo again. He offers her his handkerchief. She promises to return it, but he says he will not come back there since it is "no longer quiet." After school, she takes her uniform to a rival dry cleaners to avoid her parents. The next day, she finds trash strewn all over the school's pool. While changing clothes, three students attack Jan-di.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Bom Choon-sik Kim Ki-bang (Debut)
Choi Jin-hee Gook Ji-yeon (Debut)
Chu Ga-eul Kim So-eun (Debut)
Geum Il-bong Ahn Suk-hwan (Debut)
Geum Jan-di Ku Hye-sun (Debut)
Geum Kang-san Park Ji-bin (Debut)
Gu Jun-pyo Lee Min-ho (Debut)
Jung Sang-rok Jung Ho-bin (Debut)
Kang Hee-soo Lee Hye-young (Debut)
Lee Mi-sook Min Young-won (Debut)
Na Gong-joo Im Ye-jin (Debut)
Oh Min-ji Lee Si-young (Debut)
Park Sun-ja Jang Ja-yeon (Debut)
So Yi-jung Kim Bum (Debut)
Song Woo-bin Kim Joon (Debut)
Yoon Ji-hoo Kim Hyun-joong (Debut)


Guest roles


TNS Ratings AGB Nielsen Sources
Seoul Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
14.4% 14.3% 13.8% 13.7% [2]



Chapters covered:
Arc: Red Slip Troubles
1, 2

  • "Never Say Goodbye" from the My Girl soundtrack plays while Jun-pyo is plotting his revenge on Jan-di. Boys Over Flowers director Jeon Ki-sang also directed My Girl.[3]

  • Stuffed-animal-drama

    Jan-di sheep by Build-a-Bear

  • This episode aired exactly two years after the premiere of Hana Yori Dango Returns.

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