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"Dao Ming Si, I love you. At that instant, I almost blurted it out. I almost disregarded by friends' families, and forsook my own pride and dignity only to tell you I love you."
Shan Cai

Episode 15 (第15集), also titled "Chapter Fifteen" (Chapter 拾伍), is the fifteenth episode of Meteor Garden. The episode first aired on July 19, 2001 on the free-to-air CTS. It was followed by episode sixteen on July 26. Wallace Chung and Beatrice Hsu are guest stars in the episode.

Hua Ze Lei and Chen Qing He learn by chance where Dong Shan Cai is living and come to bring her back to Taipei. Dao Ming Si tries to bury his feelings for her, but this becomes harder when Lei seemingly begins to pursue Shan Cai.


At work, Ah Song tells Dong Shan Cai about how his girlfriend, Ah Xiang, left him. Months prior, they came to the fishing village on vacation. Ah Xiang fought with Ah Song about their future, resulting in her leaving him to find a "sense of security." Song reveals to Shan Cai that has waited for her to return ever since. Shan Cai offers him some encouraging words. Meanwhile, Chen Qing He happens to spot Shan Cai on the news and relays it to the F3. Hua Ze Lei tells Dao Ming Si, but he refuses to go. That night, the villagers demand for Shan Cai's mother and father to repay them. They accuse the couple of lying about Shan Cai having a rich boyfriend and insinuate that something is happening with her and Ah Song.

Ah Song shows Shan Cai his art work, which she does not really understand though she admires him. They are interrupted by Shan Cai's parents and the irate villagers. Before the confrontation escalates, Shan Cai's mother promises to repay the villagers the next day. Once they are alone, Shan Cai refuses to contact and finally confesses to her parents that they broke up. The following morning, the family prepares for the worst. However, Lei and Qing He happen to arrive just then. Lei easily pays off their debts. The guys ask Shan Cai to come back with them and she agrees after thinking it over. Meanwhile, Si goes to the restaurant he went to with Shan Cai and watches as the ice cream he ordered slowly melts.

Shan Cai says goodbye to Ah Song, who encourages her to find happiness. She then says goodbye to her parents and leaves with Lei and Qing He. As they drive away, Shan Cai sees a girl running to the beach. She gets out and watches Ah Song and Ah Xiang reunite. Meanwhile, Xi Men and Mei Zuo talk to Si about helping Shan Cai but he refuses again. In Taipei, Lei has arranged a home for Shan Cai and she returns to school the next day. Later, Lei suggests for Si to make a "clean break" with Shan Cai and insinuates that he has feelings for her. Taking Lei's advice, Si talks to Shan Cai about going their "separate ways." She then returns the necklace he gave her, which he throws into the nearby fountain without hesitation.

Shan Cai rushes into the water to retrieve the necklace. Lei arrives shortly and helps her find it. She sobs as he holds her. Later, Lei talks to Si about Shan Cai, claiming that he wants to pursue her now. Si tells him that it is "unnecessary" for him to ask for his blessing. The following night, Si reveals Lei's plans to Xi Men and Mei Zuo. He is seemingly taking it well, but ends up breaking down. Xi Men and Mei Zuo criticize Lei for getting involved again. Lei argues with them for questioning him and points out that they have not encouraged Si to "stop running" from his feelings. Shortly later, He Yuan Zi comes to the school to see Shan Cai, but instead learns about the state of things from Xi Men and Mei Zuo.

Xiao Zi tracks Si down and he initially rebuffs her attempts to talk, before opening up a bit. She then hugs him before letting go and laughing it off as a "joke." Xi Men and Mei Zuo talk to Si again, encouraging him to accept the situation to preserve their friendship. Si finally acknowledges his feelings by comparing "losing Shan Cai" to "losing [his] strength to breathe." Meanwhile, Lei talks with Shan Cai about his regrets regarding his relationship with Teng Tang Jing. He feels that Shan Cai will regret giving up Si one day. At Shan Cai's home, they find lights strung up in the shape of her necklace. Lei tells Shan Cai that it is a sign from Si that he has not given up yet. That night, she stays up to watch the lights flicker.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Chen Qing He Edward Ou
Dao Ming Si Jerry Yan
Dong Shan Cai Barbie Hsu
He Yuan Zi Christine Ke
Hua Ze Lei Vic Chou
Mei Zuo Vanness Wu
Shan Cai's father Dong Zhi Cheng
Shan Cai's mother Wang Yue
Xi Men Ken Chu


Guest roles


Chapters covered:
145, 146, 147, 148,
150, 153, 162

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  • The restaurant, PS Bubu, from episode thirteen is shown again.
  • The scene where Si and Shan Cai talk before he throws the necklace was filmed at Fine Arts Park in Zhongshan District.


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