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Si: "How can I accept a break up so suddenly? Tell Me!"
Shan Cai: "Your mother said unless I break up with you, both Xiao You's and Qing He's fathers will lose their jobs. I've decided to have a clean break from your family. I've made up my mind to stop seeing you."
Shan Cai breaks up with Si

Episode Fourteen (第14集), also known as "Chapter Fourteen" (Chapter 拾肆), is the fourteenth episode of the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. It first aired on July 12, 2001 in Taiwan. The episode was followed by episode fifteen on July 19. Wallace Chung guest stars in the episode as Ah Song.

Dong Shan Cai breaks up with Dao Ming Si in order to protect her friends from his mother. She drops out of school and goes to the fishing village where her parents now live. Si reverts back to his old self, while the F3 try to cheer him up.


At school, Hua Ze Lei feels suspicious of Dao Ming Feng and warns Dong Shan Cai that she may target her friends. She later calls Xiao You and speaks with Chen Qing He, whose families are experiencing problems. Meanwhile, Dao Ming Si is bragging about his relationship to Xi Men and Mei Zuo. Shan Cai arrives at the Dao Mings home. Feng reverses the damage she had done when she agrees to her stipulations. Shan Cai calls her "despicable" and still stands up to Feng, despite the circumstances. After packing her things, Shan Cai waits outside in the rain to say goodbye to Dao Ming Si. Ms. Yu wonders where Shan Cai is and finds a note addressed to her thanking her for everything.

Shan Cai breaks up with Si, leaving him heartbroken. He asks "Have you ever liked me?", and she answers "If I did, I wouldn't leave like this." However, she admits to herself Time and again, I knew I had fallen for Si." Later, Shan Cai boards a train while thinking of her goodbye Ms. Yu. She tries to convince Shan Cai to admit her feelings to Si, but she apologizes and then leaves. Meanwhile, Qing He has heard that Shan Cai has dropped out of school. He accompanies the F3 to Si's house. His nonchalant attitude annoys Qing He, who snaps at him. Si nearly strangles Qing He, but the others stop him. Xi Men comments that "Si is back to his old self." Later, Qing He talks to Xiao You and wonders where Shan Cai has gone.

Shan Cai reunites with her mother and father at the fishing village. They bring her to their rented room and she learns that they have been brag about having a "rich son-in-law" to the townspeople. That night, Shan Cai walks along the beach and imagines Si still standing in the rain. When a diver approaches her, she punches him to get away from him. In the meantime, Si becomes belligerent while drinking. He runs off before the F3 can take him home. Si is nearly hit by a car, but Qing He happens to be passing by and saves him. The next morning, Shan Cai begins working at a restaurant. The diver from before, Ah Song, also works there. He reveals that he was drunk the previous night and has no recollection of her.

Ah Song annoys Shan Cai by relaxing near the beach instead of working. When she complains, he asks her about the last time she went on vacation. She recalls betraying Si by kissing Lei. Ah Song comments that Shan Cai reminds him of his girlfriend who left him. He walks away as he starts crying. Later that day, Ah Song begins asking Shan Cai personal questions about Si. He says that she should "be with the person [she] loves." Shan Cai snaps at him, saying he "let go of the person [he] loves too." That night, Xi Men and Mei Zuo organize a get together to cheer up Si. However, Si quickly starts an argument with Xi Men, which dissolves into a full-blown fist fight. Lei stops He Yuan Zi from stepping in.

After eating dinner with her parents, Shan Cai checks her messages which are all from Qing He. She wonders if Si has already forgotten her. At the same time, a drunk Ah Song looks at the ocean while yelling for his girlfriend to come back to him. The next morning, Xi Men swears to end his friendship with Si. After Mei Zuo tells him to calm down, the F3 begin discussing Shan Cai and Si again. Lei suspects that Feng is the reason behind Shan Cai leaving so suddenly. They decide to stop trying to cheer up Si for now. Xi Men later visits Xiao You and learns about her and Qing He's troubles. He correctly surmises that Feng manipulated Shan Cai into leaving Si in order to protect Xiao You and Qing He.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Chen Qing He Edward Ou
Dao Ming Feng Zhen Xiu Zhen
Dao Ming Si Jerry Yan
Dong Shan Cai Barbie Hsu
He Yuan Zi Christine Ke
Hua Ze Lei Vic Chou
Mei Zuo Vanness Wu
Shan Cai's father Dong Zhi Cheng
Shan Cai's mother Wang Yue
Xi Men Ken Chu
Xiao You Rainie Yang


Guest roles


Chapters covered:
Arc: Fishing Village
137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145

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  • Versions of two minor characters, Tome and Yatchan, appears in the episode. Both actresses are uncredited.


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