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"I don't want to lie to myself anymore. That's it. Edogawa, I will win. After the game, I will wait for you at Yebisu Garden Place."
Haruto promises to wait for Oto

"The strongest love comedy finally concludes! I can be myself with the person I like" (最強ラブコメついに完結!自分らしくいられる好きな人 Saikyō rabu kome tsuini kanketsu! Jibun rashikui rareru sukina hito) is the finale of the 2018 drama, Hana Nochi Hare. The episode aired on June 26, 2018 on TBS in Japan. It was preceded by episode ten on June 19.

After losing the first round, Haruto Kaguragi squares off against Tenma Hase in the second. Distracted by his friend, Tenma loses. Haruto later asks Oto Edogawa to met him at Yebisu Garden Place after the final round, if he wins.


Despite injuring his hand in the first round, Haruto Kaguragi wishes to continue with the competition. The doctors forbid him to train due the injury. The next day, he is doing "imagination training" when Oto happens by. She returns his gold pig for good luck, though she still asserts that she is supporting Tenma Hase. Hearing shouts nearby, they go to investigate and find two guys threatening Jin Konoe. Haruto manages to knock them down by accident. Oto recognizes one of their voices as the man who attacked her. The culprits run away, but Tenma catches them. He then learns the truth and apologizes to Oto. She is thankful that he now knows she was not lying. Devastated, Tenma tells Konoe to "disappear."

The C5 arrive at the kyudo competition to find the Eitoku stands full of students. On the other side, Oto is happy that Haruto's "feelings" are reaching her classmates. When the competition begins, Haruto notices that Tenma is shaken and tries to call it off. Tenma decides to carry on anyway. Haruto wins the round by hitting the target three times, including a bullseye. Shocked by the surprise win, it takes a minute for the Eitoku students to start cheering. Afterwards, Megumi Nishidome gives Haruto a bento and asks to end their relationship since she wants to support him during the competition. Once she leaves, he eats the whole bento. Airi Maya finds Megumi crying and tells her to come with her.

Oto and Tenma find Konoe at the bridge where Tenma had saved him from committing suicide. Konoe regrets his previous behavior and apologizes to Oto. Tenma then holds out an olive branch by asking him to kendo practice. Seeing their friendship mended, Oto leaves and heads to Arisa Konno's apartment, where she is joined by Airi and Megumi. Suddenly Mi-tan rushes past them and proposes to Konno, who immediately says yes. They then all sit down to a takoyaki party. Outside her house, Oto meets Haruto. She tells him that cannot be with him even if he wins, to which he says "You are free to choose who you love." He then promises to wait for after the end of the competition. Her mother overhears the exchange.

The next day, Kaito Taira tells Haruto that the C5 "are proud to be [his] friend." He is moved by his friends' feelings. The third round of the contest kicks off with loud cheers from both sides. Before entering the arena, Haruto recalls a technique Sojiro Nishikado taught him. He fails to execute it properly, but wins anyway when he trips on his pants. Haruto is declared the winner and Tenma takes the defeat gracefully. Oto meets him in his dressing room. He tells her that he wants to eat her stir fry, so they head to her house. Meanwhile, Rie Hase is incensed by the contest's result. Yukie and her newly arrived husband convince her to support how their children handled the situation.

Haruto promises his father to keep trying to earn his approval, despite not being "perfect." He responds "If you're not perfect, I don't need you," but adds that Haruto got a "6 out of 10" for the day. Haruto smiles, seeing he has made progress. At Oto's house, Tenma tells her he knows that she loves Haruto. Oto cries since she does not want to hurt him. He ends their relationship and encourages her to "follow [her] feelings." After Oto takes off, the C5 drive up to her house. Airi notices Tenma's sad face and invites him to a party, which he declines. Meanwhile, Haruto waits for Oto at Yebisu Garden Place. He and Oto think of each other and how their lives have changed. Oto smiles brightly upon arriving at her destination.

Cast and characters[]

Character Actor Notes
Airi Maya Mio Imada
Arisa Konno Haruka Kinami
Haruto Kaguragi Sho Hirano
Issa Narumiya Jin Suzuki
Iwao Kaguragi Kenichi Takito
Jin Konoe Riku Kashima
Kaito Taira Tatsuomi Hamada
Kozo Kobayashi Kotaro Shiga
Makoto Edogawa Takashi Sorimachi (Debut)
Megumi Nishidome Marie Iitoyo
Oto Edogawa Hana Sugisaki
Rie Hase Saki Takaoka
Sugimaru Eibi Keisuke Nakata
Tenma Hase Taishi Nakagawa
Yukie Edogawa Momoko Kikuchi


Guest roles


Video Research Ltd. Source
Rating DVR Total
9.5% 8.3% 16.1% [2]


Chapters covered:
47, 48, 49

  • Some viewers were unhappy with the ending, leading to the hashtag "#終わり方" ("How It Ended") to trend on Twitter with over 40,000 tweets. The hashtag "#Hanahare" ranked at number five in the world and number one in Japan with over 100,000 tweets.[3]

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