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Eitoku Academy (英徳学園 (えいとくがくいん) Eitoku Gakuen) is an escalator school located in the Yamanote area of Tokyo, Japan. It goes from kindergarten to university. Eitoku is considered an "ultra private" school that primarily caters to upper-class families with a few exceptions, such as Tsukushi Makino. The high school has become particularly popular thanks to the F4 and Correct 5.


Eitoku Academy is considered a prestigious school with a long history, having recently celebrated its 170th anniversary.[1] It is located in Yamanote, traditionally considered an affluent area of Tokyo.[2] An escalator school, it goes from kindergarten to university. A student could potentially receive their entire education at Eitoku. Though primarily upper-class students attend, a few lower-class students enroll. However, the fees to attend Eitoku are often considered costly to these students.

Eirin Academy, another elite school, is considered a rival to Eitoku.[3] In fact, a contest called Teen of Japan was held between the schools every three years to determine the top female high school student. Tsubaki Domyoji and Shizuka Todo previously won the contest.[4] A new school, Momonozono Academy became a rival though the two schools later formed a partnership.[5]

Senior High[]

Eitoku Academy High School (英徳学園高校 (えいとくがくえんこうこう) Eitoku Gakuen Kōkō), or Eitoku Academy Senior High School (英徳学園高等部 (えいとくがくえんこうとうぶ) Eitoku Gakuen Kōtōbu),[6] is the third level of the escalator school following primary and junior high. Some students, such as "commoner" Tsukushi Makino, enter at this level. The school is notable for formerly being ruled by a clique called F4, which consisted of Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka.[2] After the F4 graduated, the school became less popular as many students applied to the up-and-coming Momonozono Academy instead.[7] The school has recently experienced an upswing thanks to the efforts of the Correct 5's leader Haruto Kaguragi.[5]




The F4 with Tsukushi Makino

"It was a mistake sending me here in the first place. A sardine doesn't belong with sea bream."
Tsukushi Makino has a hard time fitting in at Eitoku[src]

Tsukasa, Rui, Sojiro, and Akira had become known as the F4 by the time they entered high school. At some point, they took over the school, basically doing whatever they wanted. Those who opposed them, such as Kimoto, were bullied or ostracized until they dropped out. Another case was Tsukushi, who was the first to actually fight back.[2] She endured a great deal of bullying at the hands of her fellow classmates. However, she continued standing up to Tsukasa time and time again.[8] When her friend Kazuya Aoike transferred to Eitoku, he was also targeted. Several teachers refused to help him, not wanting to get involved because of the F4's influence.[9]

Going into the fall term, Tsukushi and Kazuya were still ostracized though the bullying lessened.[10] Later, a photo of Tsukasa and Tsukushi together was snapped by a student and posted on the bulletin board. Everyone at the school assumed they were dating now.[11] Tsukushi was given an unprecedented amount of attention by her classmates trying to garner her favor.[12] A few days later, another photo picturing Tsukushi with a guy was circulated around school. The students returned to bullying her, even without the F4's permission.[13] They upped the ante the following day, when they physically attacked her on school grounds.[14] She was almost sexually assaulted, before Tsukasa stepped in.[15] The next morning, he punished her attackers by hanging them from the roof by their ankles.[16]

Following a rift in the F4, Tsukasa vowed to have Rui and Tsukushi expelled from school. He attempted to blackmail the principal by threatening to cut off his family's donations.[17] The principal expressed misgivings about expelling Rui, whom also had a powerful and wealthy father. Alumnus Tsubaki Domyoji stopped Tsukasa's attempt to extort the principal. A basketball game was instead decided upon to determine Tsukushi's and Rui's fates.[18] The small game turned into a "F4 Showdown" which was attended by most of the school.[19] Tsukasa's team had a substantial lead right up until the last second. Tsukushi, however, missed the winning shot. Tsukasa would have won had he not declared "I quit," just before the time was up. He thus ended the feud and allowed Tsukushi and Rui to remain at Eitoku.[20]

The following December, Tsukushi, Sakurako Sanjo, and Junko Ekuni were chosen to represent the school at Teen of Japan.[21] Ultimately, Tsukushi was chosen as one of the finalists alongside Eirin Academy student, Ayano Kurimaki. Ayano was determined to be the winner, while the judges granted Tsukushi a special prize of 300,000 yen for her strong efforts.[22] After winter break, Tsukushi was befriended by a lowerclassman named Junpei Oribe, the younger brother of an old friend.[23] She later appeared on the cover of a magazine with Junpei, who was a model under the name "Jun."[24] Tsukushi received another red card, resulting in her being bullied. Junpei revealed his model identity to the school while saving her.[25] After the incident with Junpei was cleared up, he left Eitoku.[26]

Sometime later, Tsukasa was engaged to Eirin student Shigeru Okawahara. It soon became the talk of the school and Tsukushi was subjected to snide comments.[27] After the engagement was called off, Tsukushi and Tsukasa began officially dating. The news surprised much of the school.[28] Tsukushi later submitted a temporary absence from school.[29] Tsukasa, whose personality had softened due to Tsukushi, reverted back to his cold self. For example, a female student tried to give him a cake which he then smashed in her face.[30]

Correct 5[]


The Correct 5 during their third year

"Eitoku Academy doesn't need commoners. Those who can't donate will be removed. There are no exceptions."
Haruto Kaguragi of the Correct 5 performs a "peasant hunt"[src]

The high school division suffered from a twenty percent decrease in applicants after the F4's graduation. A new up-and-coming school, Momonozono Academy emerged as Eitoku's rival, gaining an eighteen percent increase in applicants. The decrease had a huge impact on the school's finances, leaving it with few funds for various repairs. Some students who took the entrance exam decided not to enroll, though some still enrolled because of the F4's legacy. To combat the school's failing reputation, Haruto Kaguragi, an admirer of Tsukasa, formed the Correct 5 with Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, Airi Maya, and Issa Narumiya. They conducted "peasant hunts," in which they forced the poor students, who could no longer pay donations or tuition, to withdraw from Eitoku.[7]

Oto Edogawa was later outed as a "peasant" by Airi, who spread posters announcing it around campus. The student body reacted negatively to the news, calling Oto names such as "stealth commoner."[31] The next day, Airi posted a notice that Oto was "to be severely punished." The students followed the order and proceeded to beat up Oto. Haruto, meanwhile, found himself unable to expel her so Airi tried to take it into her own hands. Oto's fiancé and Momonozono student body president Tenma Hase arrived in time to save her and revealed that he just paid a donation.[32] Later, the Correct 5 rescinded her expulsion.[33] When Oto returned to school, she was ostracized at first by her former classmates. They changed their tune after Issa told them to be nice. Oto, however, rejected their attempts to be friends again.[34]

A popular model Megumi Nishidome, who was nicknamed "Megurin" by her fans, later transferred to Eitoku. Her transfer proved to be extremely beneficial to Eitoku. The school saw a twenty percent increase in transfer applicants within a single day.[35] Sometime later, the school witnessed a new trend called "Eitoku hunting." At least fifteen students from the school were threatened and covered in yellow paint by unknown assailants during the span of a few months. To boost the Correct 5's status, Megumi and Haruto pretended to date for a short time. Later, the school's gates were vandalized.[36] Seeing the vandalism, many students expressed negative attitudes about Eitoku's future. Oto was annoyed by their attitudes and began cleaning up the mess. Once the Correct 5 joined her, some more students followed suit.[37]

That winter, news of Haruto and Tenma facing off at the "Manly Man Festival" was leaked. Students generally viewed it as "a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono."[38] Nearly every student attended the contest that was held in Kyoto a week later. A tour was even organized by a travel agency to bring the students there.[39] The odds were initially in Tenma's favor, especially after he won the first round. In the end, Haruto won the competition due to Tenma's no-show in the final event.[40] The students celebrated Haruto's win by forming a parade and cheering in the street. The mood was comparable to the "glory days of [Eitoku's] past."[41] Following the festival, applications for Eitoku increased forty-fold. Haruto later made amends with Tenma, who suggested a partnership between their schools.[42]

Eitoku received over a thousand applications for the new school year the following April. There were also plans to build additions to the north wing. The overall morale of the school was reminiscent of the days of the F4 since the students felt a sense of pride again. By that summer, Eitoku had begun having joint classes with Momonozono. The Correct 5 gained a significant fanbase among the students at Momonozono. A "summer school" was later organized for the two schools.[5] The students were flown to a resort near a beach. There they participated in tours of the natural wildlife and other such activities, including snorkeling.[43] It went on for several days and was partly supervised by Momonozono's student council and the Correct 5. Two member of the Correct 5, Airi and Haruto, ended up leaving early.[44]

At the start of the fall semester, the Correct 5 gave an address to the student body. Haruto announced that the school was celebrating its 170th anniversary and encouraged the students "to take pride in being a student of Eitoku Academy."[1] Some days later, Amei Hanawa, who had previously attended as an elementary student, re-enrolled at the high school as a third year. She quickly drew the attention and jealousy of classmates by arriving on her first day with the Correct 5.[45] Amei was later made friends with a few girls in her class.[46] During winter break, a student tried to rob Haruto, though he was unaware of his identity at first. Haruto inspired him to turn over a new leaf. Once school recommenced, he apologized to Haruto who then gave him the advice, "Don't ever go hunting for commoners. You'll regret it later."[47]


Eitoku Academy University (英徳学園大学 (えいとくがくえんだいがく) Eitoku Gakuen Daigaku)[48] is the fourth level of the escalator school, located near the high school division in Yamanote, Tokyo.[9] Shizuka Todo was enrolled at the university, when she decided to pursue law school in France.[49] The F4, except Tsukasa, and Tsukushi enrolled in Eitoku University after graduating from the high school division.




Girls' uniform worn by Tsukushi

Eitoku Senior High's uniform was designed by famous designer Piromichi Nakano. The uniforms are apparently costly for the lower-class students.[13] The girls' uniform consists of a gold blazer with a white blouse underneath and a red tie, paired with a plaid skirt and loafers. The summer uniform switched the skirt with a plaid jumper, but has since been changed to a sweater vest. They could wear a variety of socks and rules on jewelry and accessories were lax. The boys' consists of a blazer, a white button-down shirt, a tie, dark slacks, and loafers. In the summer, the boys' wore a short-sleeved shirt.

The F4 were notable for forgoing the uniform and wearing street clothes to school instead. The Correct 5 wore their own special uniform, consisting primarily of a black jacket with a "C5" patch on it. Airi also had a special tie.

Behind the scenes[]




Eitoku University in the 1995 film

  • Tsukushi and the F4 are students at Eitoku Gakuen University in the 1995 film, Hana Yori Dango. Shooting took place at Tokyo University of Technology and Nihon Kogakuin College. A montage at the beginning displays several features from the locations. The F4 rule the college, much like they do in the manga. They also have a fan club. It being a university, the students do not wear a uniform.

Eitoku in the anime



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