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Eirin Academy (永林学園 (えりんがくえん) Eirin Gakuen) is an elite school in Japan. It is considered a rival of Eitoku Academy.[1] In fact, the two schools compete in a contest called Teen of Japan every three years. Three students each are selected to compete in the contest.[2] Shigeru Okawahara also attended the school.[3]


Behind the scenes

  • Eirin is first mentioned in chapter sixty of Boys Over Flowers.
  • Though not stated, it is likely that Eirin had a branch in the United States which Ayano presumably attended since she was eligible to represent the school at TOJ.
  • In the anime, Shigeru mentions the school in "Love Triangle from Hell!" She considers the students there to be very boring. Shigeru later ends up transferring to Eitoku.



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