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Dong Zhi Cheng (Chinese: 董至成; pinyin: Dǒng Zhìchéng, born December 22, 1964 in Taiwan), also known by his English name Alex Dung, is a Taiwanese television host and actor. He is best known as the host of the variety shows, Red Versus White and Variety Get Together.

He portrayed Dong Shan Cai's father in Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II.



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Dong began working in the entertainment business in 1990. Dong became a co-host on I Love Matchmaker (我愛紅娘) in 1992. The same year, he recorded an album, entitled I'm Very Happy, I'm Very Sad (我很愉快、我很難悲哀). Dong ventured into acting with a supporting role in the 1995 drama Jinye Zuo Meng Ye Hui Xiao (今夜作夢也會笑).

In 2001, he portrayed father of Barbie Hsu's character in Meteor Garden. Cheng reprised his role in the 2002 sequel, Meteor Garden II. Dong has also appeared in My Lucky Star (2007), Honey and Clover (2008), Skip Beat! (2011), and Someone Like You (2015).

Personal life[]

He married his wife Luo Ruo Yun (羅若云) on January 6, 1999.[1] The couple have one child named Dong Ding Rui (董定叡), born June 6, 2006. In 2020, after twenty-one years of marriage, Dong and Luo divorced.[2]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1995 Jinye Zuo Meng Ye Hui Xiao Huang Yuan Dan
2001 Meteor Garden Shan Cai's father
2002 Meteor Garden II Shan Cai's father
2005 Only You Xu Mao Xiong
2007 My Lucky Star Guang Ming
2008 Honey and Clover De Da Si
Time Story Mr. Feng
2009 Easy Fortune Happy Life Chairman Yen
2011 Skip Beat! Nan Guo Ge
2012 Happy Michelin Kitchen Na Bai Chuang
I Love You So Much Zhuang Ying Xiong
Justice Heroes Zhang Jia Hui
2013 Love for All the Moments Landlord
Di Sanshiyo Shou Qian Taxi driver
2014 Love Detective Chen Hao Yu
2015 Someone Like You Xie Qian Jing
2016 My Teacher Is Xiao He He Bai Dao


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