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Dong Shan Cai (Chinese: 董杉菜; pinyin: Dǒng Shāncài) was a student in the Nutrition Department of Ming De University. She lived in Shanghai in with her family. Her best friends were Jiang Xiao You and Chen Qing He.


Early life[]

Shan Cai was born on March 21, 1999[2] into an average family living in Shanghai. Her mother operated a small catering business from their home, while her father worked as a logistics manager. In high school, Shan Cai was in the same class as Jiang Xiao You and Chen Qing He. After taking their college entrance exams, Shan Cai and Xiao You began working part-time at Talent's Tea Shop.[1]


Shan Cai's goal was to expand her mother's catering business. She was accepted into Ming De University's Nutrition Department. She was joined by former classmates, Qing He and Li Zhen.[1]

Meeting the F4[]

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Physical appearance[]

Shan Cai was a normal girl with short black hair and dark brown eyes. She often wore her hair in a ponytail or down with one braid on the side. Shan Cai was most often seeing casual clothing like a simple shirt paired with jeans and a coat depending on the weather. When she met the F4, she had her first opportunities to wear more elaborate formal clothing.

Personality and traits[]

In general, Shan Cai was very kind and loyal. She expressed deep care towards those closest to her and would often go the extra mile to make sure that they were well. Shan Cai was also characterized as strong-willed with a strong sense of right and wrong. She never allowed herself or those around her to be bullied by others.


Her given name, Shan Cai (杉菜), is the transliteration of her manga counterpart's name. It means "horsetail" in Japanese.[5] In Chinese, Shan (杉) means "fir"[6] and Cai (菜) "vegetable," "greens."[7] Dong (董), is the thirty-fifth most common surname in China.[8] It means "to direct" or "supervise".[9] Shan Cai's name is the same as her Taiwanese version.

Behind the scenes[]

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