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Domyoji Group (道明寺 財閥 (どうみょうじ ざいばつ) Dōmyōji Zaibatsu),[1] variously called Domyoji Corporation[2] or Domyoji Enterprises,[3] is a company owned by the prominent Domyoji family. It is co-managed by Kaede Domyoji and her husband. She primarily handles the operation of The Maple Hotel, a luxury chain of hotels. They both live and work in New York City.[4] Their son Tsukasa Domyoji is the current heir to the company.[5][6] Since graduating from high school, Tsukasa is heavily involved with Domyoji Group. He arranged a partnership with an oil tycoon in Abu Dhabi, thus securing the only asset his family did not have.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The company is first mentioned in chapter four of the manga and mentioned frequently thereafter.
  • In Meteor Garden (2001), the company is known as Dao Ming Group (道明集團).