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"How dare you! You have no right to decide! I picked Xiao Zi to be my daughter-in-law. That penniless girl, Shan Cai can forget about marrying you. It's not going to happen!"
—Feng angry at Si[src]

Dao Ming Feng (Chinese: 道明楓; pinyin: Dàomíng Fēng) was the mother of Zhuang and Si. She and her husband were co-managing directors of Dao Ming Group. Feng lived abroad in New York and rarely saw either of her children. She later became a major opponent to Si's relationship with Dong Shan Cai, causing her to come to Taipei more often.


Early life

Feng was married to Dao Ming Cheng of Dao Ming Group, a large company with several properties and subsidiaries, including The Maple Hotel which was named for her.[1] She became a co-managing director of the company with her husband. Due to the business, they lived mostly aboard and rarely saw their two children, Zhuang and Si.[2][3] Feng had a sister, whom she seemed to have little connection with. Her sister had a son named Qing Yong, who was around Si's age.[4]

When Zhuang was of age, Feng forced her to break up with her boyfriend at the time. She then arranged a marriage to an heir of a wealthy family.[5]

Si's college years

Meeting Shan Cai

Feng angry at Shan Cai during Si's party.

"Let's be frank. I'll tell you my purpose in coming. Miss Shan Cai, please give Si up. Of course, I will not make you give up for nothing. Here's ten million. I know what I'm doing is rude. But I suppose your family isn't doing very well, so let's not beat around the bush. As you know, Si has the responsibility to take over the family business. Being his mother, I have to ensure he doesn't behave inappropriately. His path of growth might be fraught with stumbling stones and ugly weeds. I have to get rid of them as fast as I can."
—Feng offers money to Shan Cai[src]

She attended Si's birthday party, where he introduced her to Dong Shan Cai. After Lei lied about Shan Cai's background, Feng requested that she perform a song. Her attempt to embarrass Shan Cai backfired, when she first banged on the piano and then played a beautiful song. After the performance, she tried to force Shan Cai to leave and became furious when the couple escaped. Feng later went to Shan Cai's home and offered her ten million dollars if she stayed away from Si. However, Shan Cai's mother dumped flour on Feng and asked her to leave. After her failed plan, Feng began a new one and asked her secretary to retrieve Shan Cai. Feng then introduced Si to his new fiancée He Yuan Zi as Shan Cai looked on.[1]

Feng received several reports from Yu Tian that Shan Cai and Xiao Zi became friends, which led Feng to believe that Shan Cai was still pursuing Si. Sometime later, Si asked Feng to break off his engagement, leading to a huge fight between them.[5] After Xiao Zi's mother also requested to end the betrothal, Feng confronted Shan Cai at her home about it. A fight ensued between Feng and Shan Cai, when Feng insulted her. Before leaving for London, Feng purchased all the land around Shan Cai's home, therefore kicking her out. She also appointed the Dao Mings head maid, Yu Sao, to watch over Si while she was away.[6]

Forcing Si and Shan Cai apart

Feng confronting Shan Cai

Yu Tian: "Madam, I suppose Miss Shan Cai has a reason for rejecting the money. She might want to replace you as the sole mistress of the Dao Ming family."
Feng: "I will not let her succeed. Yu Tian, didn't the report mention her childhood friends?"
— Feng begins a new plan to get rid of Shan Cai[src]

Upon returning from London, Feng learned that Shan Cai had been staying at the mansion. She attempted to force her out, but refrained when Yu Sao threatened to kill herself. Instead, Feng went after Shan Cai's friends, Xiao You and Chen Qing He. Xiao You's father was given a "dismissal in disguise", while Qing He's was nearly bankrupt.[7] Shan Cai confronted Feng and agreed to her terms by promising to break up with Si. Feng then reversed the damage, before leaving for New York.[8]

Shan Cai left Taipei, but eventually returned.[9] From New York, Feng sent two men to hire Ya Men. He was ordered to behave like Si and seduce Shan Cai. However, he developed feelings for her and ended the deal.[4] Yu Tian later reported that Si was still seeing Shan Cai. Feng implemented a new plan and locked Si in his room, after returning to Taiwan. She once again arranged for Si to marry Xiao Zi, in order to ensure an oil extraction project with her parents.[10] Her actions were heavily criticized by her daughter, Zhuang. Feng contemplated her daughter's words for a long time, before returning to New York and finally leaving Shan Cai and Si alone.[11]

Physical appearance

She was a sharp businesswomen, which reflected in the way she presented herself. Feng regularly wore her brown hair in an out-of-the-way, yet elegant up do. She always dressed in business attire, which consisted of matching blazers and skirts. Her clothes ranged from tans and light pastels to flashy, bright colors, such as pink, blue, and yellow. Feng always paired her clothing with matching jewelry.

Personality and traits

Feng was overall an intimidating and manipulative woman. Si's friend, Mei Zuo described her as "domineering", "snobbish", and had "no qualms about hurting anybody." As the co-president of a huge corporation, she was always busy and usually focused on what was good for the business. Feng had little maternal affection for her children and rarely saw them. She felt that her children had "no right to decide" who they married.

Behind the scenes

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Character notes

  • Though she does not appear in Meteor Rain (2001), Feng motivates Si's actions in the story.



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